Anyone works as teachers? How do you stay energized for a workout after work

I work as a kindergarten teacher and I feel so tired after work. I am constantly always on my feet. Today I am tired and lazy but I am going to push through a workout anyway.


  • girlwithcurls2
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    First, I found something I looked forward to doing. Then, after a while, I realized that I enjoyed going, I slept better, and I woke up feeling much more ready for the day. I made sure I ate something in the late afternoon so I was fueled up for my workout too. I had to make it a habit.
  • zippie2223
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    Easy just go before work. That's what I had to do.
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    I'm not a teacher but I work 5 - 12 hour days at a labor job.

    I NEVER sit down after work (outside of driving) until I'm done with everything. The first thing I do when I walk in the door is take pre-workout, change, write my errands/to do list, and then go to the gym. Afterward I take care of everything on that list, the last two being shower and meditate. Only after everything is done do I even consider relaxing/having a beer etc. It's tiring sometimes, but it's easier when you have momentum to just keep going.

    If I sit down, even to just shoot the crap with my roommate for 10 minutes, it's game over.

    EDIT: when I say don't sit, I mean it. If I still have stuff to take care of and I need my post workout meal, I nuke a cup of rice and eat a package of cold salmon standing at my counter.
  • breanamock
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    Elementary music teacher here, so I totally feel you on the exhaustion. Is there a gym you could get to on your way home from work? I have to drive past mine to get home, which certainly helps keep me from skipping it. Or is there a place you could work out on campus? Some of my coworkers get together to run/walk in the neighborhood around the school (in bad weather, they walk up and down the building staircases). There are also playground workouts you could do right after work.
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    I'm not a teacher but I work retail, so I feel your pain. I always bring my gym clothes with me to work and never go home before working out. Also, I'm sure as a teacher you know this -- prioritizing good footwear throughout the day is essential. I am useless if I wear shoes without enough support during an eight hour shift, doesn't matter if I change into my gym shoes after work.
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    I have a crystal light-type powder drink in my water (usually peach mango green tea or strawberry with caffeine) during the last 2 classes, and a snack of apple or banana. After work, I change and go straight to the gym. Make it part of your routine. Some days I feel tired, but I go anyway and always finish. Once you get going, it seems silly to stop.
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    Don't even sit down when you get home. Just change in to workout clothes and get going. You might consider changing in to the workout clothes while still at school. Then you'll really be set to go!
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    I get in my workout first thing in the morning before work. I am NOT a morning person, either; it’s the only way I’ll get it done.