Need more friends on here to keep me going!

Hey y’all . Friendly Canadian here. Looking for more friends to keep me motivated and accountable and I’ll do the same! Hope everyone is having a swell weekend. I’m aiming to lose 20 pounds :)


  • Plantbase2020
    Plantbase2020 Posts: 17 Member
    Hello you can add me your friends
  • stacysjourney
    stacysjourney Posts: 51 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • davidapel8616
    davidapel8616 Posts: 6 Member
    You can do anything you set your mind to!! Every day is a new start. So, if you screw up one day you always have the next to make it right
  • henashahed96
    henashahed96 Posts: 3 Member
    Plx i also want some frnds to help me with this
  • EricLFC1892
    EricLFC1892 Posts: 85 Member
    Always looking for active members, feel free to add
  • robbell678
    robbell678 Posts: 140 Member
    Vancouver island here,..🇨🇦.
    Add me,..😁
  • ShadowDragonfly
    ShadowDragonfly Posts: 1 Member
    Hi! Today is day 1 for cleaning up my diet. I’m also looking for some friendly people who are on the same journey. I have a 2 year old and a one WEEK old. Time to lose those extra pregnancy lbs (and more!).
  • karriechambers
    karriechambers Posts: 33 Member
    Fresh from Ontario here you can add me as a friend!! I've lost all 40 of baby weight but still have 60 to go after pre-pregnancy back surgery, need support too!!!
  • GoJohnGo71
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    🇨🇦Vancouver Island here. I just sent you a FR.
  • doconnor91
    doconnor91 Posts: 9 Member
    Hey all, feel free to add me. 28 from Aussie. Been on here for about 4 years. Peak weight was 180.5kgs on 5th of May this year. Now sitting at 132.5kgs. with an end goal of 95kgs. It has been a hard 5 months, but I'm not stopping
  • MissPiggy92
    MissPiggy92 Posts: 13 Member
    Feel free to add me. I've lost 15lb and am looking to lose 15 more.
  • KimnMike71
    KimnMike71 Posts: 167 Member
    I'm obese I'm a good one to add.
  • sahara_2018
    sahara_2018 Posts: 4 Member
    Need friends too. Happy to be yours. Looking to loose 15lb
  • chandanders
    chandanders Posts: 51 Member
    Hi everyone! Feel free to add me as well. I'm still trying to drop 10-15 pounds of baby weight (baby is now 16 months and these last 10 are stubborn!)
  • Ldoll200
    Ldoll200 Posts: 4 Member
    Looking for friends too. Also need to lose 15 lbs. Tired of yo-yoing with the diet. Embarrassed to be overweight as I have a degree in. Nutrition. Obviously I know what I should be doing just have to commit to it.
  • dmsmith_26
    dmsmith_26 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello from Newfoundland! I too am looking for more active members for support and insight. I love to hike, run and work out but I also love to eat. I’ll be adding anyone who looked willing in this post 😁
  • lavetajackson
    lavetajackson Posts: 7 Member
    You can add me. Im on my journey to lose 20lbs.
  • You can add me. 🤗 when I eat more one day I offset it the next day and doing great. When I lapse I start again the next day. I feel better and another 20lbs to go then back to my healthy weight. Looking forward to treating myself once at my goal weight. It’s lovely to eat what you want in moderation and still feel good. I wish you all the best on your journey. It is a positive tool for everyone. Thank you MyFitnessPal. 🤩
  • vchatelain
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    Add me. I'm looking to drop 40#.