Areas of Fat Loss

Which area(s) did you long to lose weight from first? What sequence did your body actually lose the fat?

At the beginning I really wanted to lose weight from my face as it had ballooned up and I barely recognized myself. Thankfully I did lose noticeable weight from there first! Secondly, I wanted to lose weight off my midsection/belly area...and I suppose this time around I was not lucky enough and it appears now that I am nearing goal that this is the LAST place I lose from, haha. I guess you can't have everything!


  • nighthawk584
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    The area I most longed to lose weight, my moobs! haha but it is the slowest coming off! 1st to come off was face , then arms & legs and now slowly but surely , stomach fat, back fat, armpit fat and moobs!
  • RFC2549
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    It tends to come off where it last came on and come on where it last came off. Face and upper body seem to be common starting areas.
  • NovusDies
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    You can lose weight from anywhere from literally the top of your head to your feet. It has been my experience that weight comes off in waves that are probably determined by genetics and the total amount you have to lose. I have been losing for 20 months and a wave of loss hit my face and upper chest area late summer of last year. Then it appeared to stay about the same until the spring of this year when I lost another round there.

    It can make clothing a fun challenge because I have gone down 2 sizes in less than 4 weeks because of how the fat was coming off. I could then stay in the same size while it just got slightly baggier for a long time afterwards.
  • missysippy930
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    Face, hands and feet first. Stomach area I lose fast too. Now, it’s coming off from all over.
  • cwolfman13
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    extremities, limbs, neck, face...gut was the last to go. The mid section is primary fat stores for most men and many women...primary fat stores are a first on, last off proposition.
  • Terytha
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    Legs, face and back first. And, honestly, not really anywhere else yet.
  • riffraff2112
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    stomach and face are usually the first, hips and butt usually the last. My thighs....never.
  • etherealanwar
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    lgfrie wrote: »
    It looks like I've had a different experience so far than other posters. Most of my weight has come right off my stomach/gut, and secondarily, my arms. But mainly stomach. No huge changes anywhere else yet.

    60-ish pounds:

    That would be a total win in my books.
  • ellie117
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    My chest is usually first :/ and also thankfully my face area. My first to put on and last to lose is my thigh/hip area. It's so frustrating as my waist gets smaller but my hips stay wide so clothes are so hard to fit well.
  • tamtam_nc
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    ellie117 wrote: »
    My chest is usually first :/ and also thankfully my face area. My first to put on and last to lose is my thigh/hip area. It's so frustrating as my waist gets smaller but my hips stay wide so clothes are so hard to fit well.

    same girl, same
  • spiriteagle99
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    I lose weight in my breasts first, then back then arms. Last is where I would most like to lose weight - thighs. My upper body is very skinny/bony, lower body not so much.
  • Shortgirlrunning
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    I feel like I lost pretty evenly all over my body but maybe from my butt the fastest/soonest. Stomach fat seems to be the slowest to come off but my arm fat is what I hate the absolute most and am most critical about when I look in the mirror.
  • nooshi713
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    I wanted to lose weight from my face and abdomen. I did lose the face weight first and some tummy fat. The last place I lose from is my legs. I can be skinny everywhere and still have thicker legs.
  • LeiLaura
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    Sharon_C wrote: »
    I seemed to have lost all of my weight in my legs. My legs!!! What a bummer. Now they're really thin but I still have the back fat that will. Not. Go. Away. :D

    It is what it is, I guess

    This is me, too. My leggings are getting baggier by the week, but they're still snug around my tummy because it WILL NOT SHIFT! I never even thought of my legs as fat in the first place :neutral:
  • gcminton
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    So far the loss has, unfortunately, been pretty even. I just loooooooove continuing to have my bust, hips and waist have almost exactly the same measurements. Not! My belly is definitely going to keep annoying me. EVERYWHERE else fits into the same size clothing, but that belly insists that my shirts or dresses be a full 1-2 sizes larger. Ugh.

    I remember as a kid, when I first started gaining weight, my belly was the first place it showed up. I guess the loss is most noticeable on my legs because my whole bottom half is the same size; no bigger area to make the clothing obscure the rest.
  • boyragisadhok
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    i wanna be most sexy figure
  • xxzenabxx
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    I’m losing from my stomach and hips first. I’ve also lost from my arms and chest. I have hardly lost from my things unfortunately. But then again I do have 29 lbs left to goal weight so let’s see...

    Also when I was 130 lbs before my legs were much slimmer so I hope they do slim down in the end.