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Ok... I was doing and then started supplementing but I don't know if this caused my plateau or not. I started supplementing 5gm creatine and 200 mg of CoQ10 daily. I started this because I learned that it would help with recovery. I was at the point where my muscles would hurt for several days! With the supplements, muscle pain was gone the next day and I started sleeping better-but now I seemed to have hit a weight loss plateau.

This plateau has lasted about four weeks of losing several pounds, gaining... it feels like maintenance but I keep cutting back on calories and paying close attention to my macros. Doesn't seem to matter. My body seems to be staying here.

Anyway... thoughts? Thanks.


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    It's your diet.
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    Creatine will cause more water to be stored in muscles. This in turn will mean that you should drink more water. It actually takes 2-4 weeks before hitting creatine's max benefits (basically muscles saturation point). This may be a cause for the plateau, but I'd double check that what you are consuming is measured correctly.

    I don't know anything about CoQ10, sorry.
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    Supplementing creatine and CoQ10 wouldn't generally cause any water fluctuations at those dosages, which leads to what is likely with you. Fluid fluctuation. If you've caused muscle tissue injury to the point of pain for several days, your body will respond, usually with inflammation, which brings fluid into the picture.

    Cutting back on calories and forcing the issue won't work in the long run. Imagine slamming calories to half of what you're eating now just for it to move (at the expense of proper recovery), then what if you plateau again? Fat loss is slow. Slower than you want. And it's not linear.

    Cut back on the impatience.