Tips for keeping the right mindser

Hi everyone

So I would like you to share 2 top habits that keep you motivated and on track.
I am just wondering how it works for everyone else.

For me its the planing ahead that keeps me on track and its the good feeling that good feeling after seeing results that keeps me motivated.

What about you?


  • AmethystEFC
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    Plan and plan and plan some more. Whether it's meal plans, shopping lists or workout schedules.

    Being consistent keeps me on a level. Deliberately sticking to a routine so that I'm not having to push myself to do something, it's automatic. Logging on here, keeping track on my Fitbit, updating the spreadsheets I've put together; positive habits.

  • LyndaBSS
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    Logging into my food diary a few days in advance.

    Weighing every morning and having my weight sync to a trending app.
  • IAmTheGlue
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    1. Consistency. For me it's about just keep doing it. Just keep pressing forward. I rarely weigh myself as I get discouraged easily but I weigh all my food.

    2. Trust the process. I stay within my calorie goals and I trust the process.

    I don't really need "motivation" for this anymore. I just do it because I'm an adult and that's what I have to do.
  • fitpal4242
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    I keep tracking, and I jump on the scale each morning I’m at the gym. I read through Community here for inspiration & motivation to keep going.
  • goldthistime
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    NovusDies wrote: »
    "Focus on the process of living the day and try to be happy doing it. Do not think of it as making weight loss happen but allowing it to happen."

    I like this. I have to fight my own urges to "get this over with". There have been people here who posted that they set their weight loss goal calories to be what their maintenance calories will be at goal weight and then go about living life. (Not advice, I don't know how well that works but I liked the attitude).
  • nighthawk584
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    vastly improved self confidence keeps my mindset in focus.
  • goldthistime
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    I wouldn't want to call them tips, because I've given up thinking that everyone is like me, but my top priority is to get in my veggies and fruits, next is to eat enough protein, and then get some activity daily. I'm logging currently, but those three goals have gotten me through long periods without logging.

    Planning meals seems onerous to me. But that's me. For whatever reason, spontaneity is important to me.

    ETA: My so-called tips, weren't about mindset, so let me add, that health and fitness is first among equals, day in and day out.
  • SERmom3
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    1 - Track every day, even bad days. Don’t stop logging in MFP just because you went over your calories. Own that and be honest with yourself. You are the only one looking at that log so not logging is just lying to yourself.

    As much as I know this already, I needed to hear this today. Going to go finish logging yesterday’s dinner and Halloween candy now. 🙈
  • wifeoferp
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    What has helped me is recognizing that the process to get my body to where I want it will take a year or probably more, and that I am making lifestyle changes. I will ALWAYS need to be conscious of what I am eating and how much I am moving.
    Also deciding that the grocery store is where much of the battle is won. I don’t buy “junk” at the grocery store except for very rare and deliberate occasions.
    I also try to remember how I feel after eating too much sugary food. I really feel physically sick often, and at the least bloated and like a slug. Definitely don’t like feeling that way.
  • HoneyBadger302
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    1) Accept that this is a journey, that will have ebbs and flows. Stay on point, even when you've gone off the rails (I know that makes no sense, but it does for me - in my case, it's keeping myself surrounded/involved with other people who are also focused on their health and well being, who may also have weeks or months where we aren't perfect and aren't always hitting our goals, but we keep them on our minds and don't let life sway us from seeing reality).

    2) Embrace the suck. It's not always going to be fun. The "motivators" aren't going to work every day, every meal, every week. Sometimes, you just need to do it because that's what you have decided you are going to do. regardless of how much it "sucks."

    I have a big "motivator" in my racing, but that hasn't always kept me on track. Even knowing that I'm going to be on the pro-grid next year, I already am aware that the winter months are going to be a struggle. It's far too easy to take a day off, then have that turn into 2, then a week, and pretty soon it's been a month or more.....been there, done that, got the fat to prove it LOL.