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Intermittent fasting!!

Currently rocking the warrior 20:4. Looking for more friends who are doing IF !!! Add me !!! :)


  • Derekok
    Derekok Posts: 6 Member
    To.. what's up
  • IwillLOSE40kg
    IwillLOSE40kg Posts: 317 Member
    Wow i couldn't do 20:4 but im trying 18:6
  • Heatherloulou87
    Heatherloulou87 Posts: 12 Member
    Just started today!!!
  • hillchanika
    hillchanika Posts: 2 Member
    I’m just starting today 16:8
  • youngmomtaz
    youngmomtaz Posts: 1,082 Member
    I do 20:4 about 5 days of the week. My fave way to eat. Saves me time cooking,cleaning, etc. I find I have a ton of energy, It works better for my messed up digestion. I still have to track my calories, but I very much enjoy it.
  • Annagrace75
    Annagrace75 Posts: 29 Member
    I’ve been doing 20:4 and I love it!
  • Canadian1970
    Canadian1970 Posts: 10 Member
    20:4. That's very impressive. Do you still get hunger pangs? What percent calorie deficit do you have?
  • LisaTcan
    LisaTcan Posts: 410 Member
    I do kind of lazy intermittent fasting. I just don't eat until I'm hungry, which is often noon or 1pm, but is sometimes 10am. It normally works out to about 15:9
  • youngmomtaz
    youngmomtaz Posts: 1,082 Member
    20:4. That's very impressive. Do you still get hunger pangs? What percent calorie deficit do you have?

    Up until recently I have been eating at maintenance(about 2100/day), that was due to some health issues. But am eating about 17-1800/day right now. I don’t often feel hungry, I have cravings but not actual hunger, I get bored and browse through the kitchen, but then remind myself I don’t really need anything. And I drink some black coffee/tea or a glass of water instead. I save my calories for my evening meal, that is usually the only meal we eat as a family. If I have prelogged it and find it to be lower cal or low protein I will plan for a dessert/bed snack that is higher in protein to make sure I am on track.
  • sgt1372
    sgt1372 Posts: 3,955 Member
    I'm in maintenance and do 16:8 to 20:4 IF depending on the day and my mood.

    Was tracking the exact time I did IF each day but that became more troublesome than beneficial.

    I just eat when and what I feel like eating w/in a 4-8 hr window. I track/log everything that I eat and, if when I start to go over my daily limit, I just stop eating.

    Generally, this means that I have black coffee in the morning after I get up (which doesn't count as "eating" in IF) and eat just OMAD sometime bet 2-5 and drink some tea (which also is not considered "eating" in IF) to quench any hunger b4 going to bed.

    So, as others have said repeatedly in different threads, IF is just a way to control when you eat but you won't lose or maintain wt unless you are otherwise controlling how much you eat each day.
  • mrsjar5311
    mrsjar5311 Posts: 516 Member
    20:4 here too and doing OMAD 5 days a week. At the weekends, I do 16:8 so I can have 2 meals with the kids.