How should I increase my caloric intake after being in a deficit for so long?

I think I’ve had ask a similar question on here before but here I go again.

I’ve now been on the ketogenic diet for 6 months now and as a result I’ve lost about 100 pounds. I’m down from 260 pounds since April of this year and I’m currently sitting at about 168 pounds after an overnight intermittent fast in the morning since last time I remember weighing myself last.

I’m honestly a little hesitant to increase my caloric intake. I see results and for better or for worse and the number shead off the scale however my deficits are massive.

This is In part due to all honesty food anxiety habits I’ve been trying to break, due in part due to training and due in part due to my work loads at my current job that being Walmart.

Bottom line I need more calories in...

A typical day according to my Fitbit and my calories in calories calories out look something moderate to me like 1700 calories in and 3000 out with a 1230 deficit to the well extremes of 1834 calories in and 5750 calories out with a massive 3916 deficit.

My deficit typically are 2000+ and I tend not to drop it below 1000 and I’ve been at this consistently. I’m trying to meet my final goal of 148 pounds and have as a little body fat as possible yet maintain some muscle so I need to close that gap otherwise I’m just gonna be a skeleton or worse at this rate.

Yeah, I push myself. And.... I don’t know if my metabolism has been affected or not. So here’s some solutions I tried to remedy the situation.

For one: I’ve have attempted to slow down and eat more and be less aggressive in my approach with working out, however there’s only so much I can do due to burning a decent bulk of my calories due to my job.

Also I’m looking at ways to go about my approach while staying within a budget, my micros which involves still staying keto staying relatively close to 70% fat 25 % protein with minimum carbohydrates and minimum sugar to not raising my blood sugar keeping my foods low on the glycemic index due to being a pre diabetic before I began keto.

I’ve found this to be consistently difficult and I’m looking for suggestions within the community here.


  • Increase your calories slowly. Honestly you really need to think about how you want the rest of your life to look like. Can you sustain this? Work out some kind of balance. I’ve read so many stories of yo yo dieters on these forums. Extreme lifestyles don’t work for most of us. ‘Huge deficits’ for people who are approaching a normal weight( I don’t know how tall you are, but unless you are very short, you must be close to a normal bmi) are generally not good practice.

    I don’t want to give you specific advice other than to say your deficit is steep and that one thing needs to change. How you implement that change is the thing you need to work out.
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    What has worked for me is increasing my calories 50 at a time, sticking with that for a couple of weeks and seeing what the scale does. So far I have been doing it for about a month, and have still been losing weight, so I’ll probably up my calories by another 50 next week.
    It’s definitely healthy for your body to come out of a deficit periodically. Especially if your deficit is as drastic as you believe. And many people find that as they slowly raise their calories they continue to lose for a bit.