It’s been really frustrating, because NOBODY HAS NOTICED. I’ve lost ~40 lbs, and nobody (other than my father once) has said anything about it. I’m doing this for my health, but it’d be nice if someone noticed the hard work I’ve put in... 😅


  • flotek72
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    Sometimes when people see you everyday over a long period of time, they don't really notice. It happens when we see ourselves in the mirror too. Sometimes we don't notice until we look at old pictures.
  • IAmTheGlue
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    Get a new, more form fitting outfit! Maybe your weight loss is hiding under bulky clothes?
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    They also might have their own triggers when it comes to weight loss/body dysmorphia and prefer to focus on non-physical attributes. I know it gets me when someone is like "hey, I lost weight on keto/paleo/etc! Notice me!" I know the focus isn't supposed to be on me, but it does trigger my past eating disorder and a lot of folks have complicated relationships to their weight that you might be bringing up by asking for praise.

    You've worked hard, be proud for you!
  • yardprincess
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    I had a good friend a few years back that was loosing weight on a pretty strict diet. She also just did it for her health, not because she wanted to "show off" or anything. It took a long time to people to say anything to her, she felt discouraged but I know a lot of people didn't want to point anything out or make her feel pressure, like she was being monitored. I don't know, people do have a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to food and weight loss, we tend to over think it.
    In any case - good job to you!!! What ever you are doing keep it up and know that it's about YOU taking care of YOU! Don't let others' lack of awareness get you down. Hang in there!
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    I hate it when people make comments on my weight, even if they mean well. People probably just don’t want to offend. If it makes you feel better, I always tell people I don’t want to talk about it which has never worked. It seems them to inspire them to talk more about it.
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    @ingermana46 Don't be moved by it either way. Eventually, almost all of the compliments will cease. People adjust to the way we look. They go on with their busy lives and they're working hard managing their own responsibilities. Not everyone welcomes weight loss comments so people tread lightly.
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    Same here - it took about 30 kg before someone noticed. I realized that I don't lose weight for anyone else but that I do it entirely for myself, for my own health. Terribly selfish, I know! But here we go....
  • samcr3113
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    Keep up you plan for you, and I agree with others. It could be a combination of gradual loss, wearing same clothes so nobody notices, some not wanting to acknowledge you doing something good - you know who they are! or polite people who don’t tell us when larger so worried to ask or comment.

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    As much as we all know we're doing this for our own better health, it feels good to have our ego stroked while we lose weight; it's motivating for us. Forty # is a good amount so I'm thinking maybe your clothes are hiding your efforts as was mentioned before. Just keep at it and when it's time to update your wardrobe to smaller sizes, go for it!! Could be people are jealous of you too. :)
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    WE will celebrate with you; 40 lbs is fantastic!!! If you have before and current photos you are willing to share, you can bet all of us on this board will appreciate your progress!!! :)
  • tonygermano2
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    40 pounds is awesome! Tell me, what differences have you noticed since losing that much weight?
  • mk820820
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    I thank goodness that no one says anything when I gain weight. On the flip side I am ok with no one saying anything. I don't think it is proper for people to comment on your body, no matter the size.
  • MySlimGoals
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    I'm down 50lb and I finally had two people notice today! I was shocked because I thought it was beyond obvious at this stage so perhaps no one was going to say anything.
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    It’s been really frustrating, because NOBODY HAS NOTICED. I’ve lost ~40 lbs, and nobody (other than my father once) has said anything about it. I’m doing this for my health, but it’d be nice if someone noticed the hard work I’ve put in... 😅

    I wouldn't be so sure that nobody has noticed - they simply have their own reasons for not saying anything. Some will be jealous, some circumspect, some controlling, and some will simply be unaware/disinterested because they're so caught up in their own lives. Please don't let this derail your fine efforts - a 40 lb. weight loss is truly impressive. YOU take notice - do something really nice for yourself: get some new clothes, take a spa day, see a new movie. Just keep your focus on why you started this journey in the first place and don't be discouraged by what anyone else does or doesn't say.
  • MySlimGoals
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    Down 54lbs today and just had my third person notice! 🤷🏼‍♀️. Well I’m noticing and you know.. that’s all that really matters in the end.
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    I think many people are concerned with saying something inappropriate or offensive. I've lost 40 lbs and only had a couple of people mention it. There are just so many PC landmines these days.