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Advice welcome

Joehenna1981Joehenna1981 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
Just starting to try and get a little healthier. Advice welcome 😊


  • geraldaltmangeraldaltman Posts: 1,738Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,738Member, Premium Member
    Use MFP and a food scale to tend to calorie, nutrient and portions, don't deny yourself things you like just be more real about them. Find and develop exercise routines that you enjoy and can easily fit into your day to day life. If possible or available find a reason exclusive to you that can motivate and inspire your efforts and exploit it for all it's worth. In my case, it's the hip replacements I had this year and the fear that if I fail or stop I will revert to the immobile mess I was a year ago. Best of luck to you!
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