Body-positive menswear?

Can we get some yoga pants for men, please?

A few guy friends now have asked for my help finding some pants for them to work out in. They are all shorter, heavier, 35-40yrs., and just getting into fitness.

I've searched high and low, and it seems like there are basically 3 options:
  • fleece sweats (who wants to look like a couch potato?)
  • spandex tights/bike style tights (the body-positive movement is putting heavy women wearing leggings on the map, but not men)
  • training pants with logos (they don't identify with ball sports and find the whole sporty/jock connection off-putting)

It seems like there has to be something out there. I have found some loose-fitting high-end tech-fabric pants, but they are like, over $100 USD. That's a steep price for someone just starting out.

If anyone has found anything for these guys, feel free to respond!


  • apullum
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    My husband works out in cheap basketball shorts. Obviously doesn't work if you need long pants, and YMMV depending on just how short your friends are :)
  • tony56pr
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    Theres some of that out there, never seen in stores though. Several fitness youtubers sell them along with even Wish (sizing is issue there)
  • PAV8888
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    Is this specifically for yoga, or a general go to for some exercise?

    Even at my heaviest I had summer shorts around... ranging from swimming trunk type shorts to "dress shorts" or longer cargo pant, or basketball type shorts. That and a t-shirt and some sneakers were OK for most of anything I did.

    Sweatpants were also available in sizes up to 4x as I have reason to know. So were water-resistant pants for outdoor walking. None of these would have been classified as form fitting. After losing a good amount of weight one of my favourites became a pair of "jogger jeans". Golf pants also come to mind...
  • amandaeve
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    I'll look up soccer training pants, that's a good idea. One specifically wants to take a yoga class and never ever wears shorts. Another is walking outside and working up to jogging. He wears basketball shorts most of the year, except now it's too cold so he's wearing jeans-and he sweats too much to jog in those. Shorts over leggings might work for him.
  • lorrpb
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    My husband had bought training pants at Goodwill. Black with a white stripe down the outside of the leg. No fashionable per second, but modest and functional. Can’t beat the price.
  • Azdak
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    I went to an outlet mall today to look for some new workout shoes, extra shorts, and sweatpants. Came away completely empty handed. None of the shoes fit, and it was confirmed that the fashion trends for workout clothes have long passed me by.

    All the pants are tapered, which would look pretty ridiculous on me (although they looked great on the trainers where I worked who were 35-40 years younger than me).

    Not even any simple shorts. I’m used to it and I am aware that I have my own particular tastes, so I’m not really upset, but it was surprising that going to Under Armour, Nike, Reebok, and Adidas, I couldn’t find anything. Too bad because there were a lot of good sales.

    I’ll keep cruising the tables at Costco and doing laundry twice a week.

    But I could really use some shoes. :D
  • MelanieCN77
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    For non-super-trendy basics, Ross and Marshalls and TJMaxx are good options. If you don't find what you want, try next week. They're always worth a browse.
  • aokoye
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    I know a handful of men who wear shorts over their tights and I see even more people doing the same so there's that option. Most of these people are pretty (very) slim so I don't think that anyone would bat an eye if a guy had shorts on over their tights.
  • nicsflyingcircus
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    My husband wears cheap athletic shorts (Costco, Academy, Walmart, TJMaxx, Marshall's) or old sweatpants.
  • staticsplit
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    I really love the jogger style trousers, which is primarily a 'men's' cut, it seems.
  • missysippy930
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    I know lululemon makes yoga pants for men. Pretty expensive for women and men though. Yoga Outlet has them for men, a lot more reasonably priced.

    Your may want to check out UA too....after all....just saying.
  • mtaratoot
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    I was going to suggest running shorts or soccer togs. That's what I wear to the gym and to play Ultimate. For yoga, you just want something loose enough not to bind, short or long. I used to often wear Guatemalan style shorts. For outdoors in winter, yeah - maybe shorts aren't going to work. There's LOTS of options, some more form-fitting than others. Think about runners - they have form fitting pants that let their bodies move. For distance running, even having removable leggings (and arm warmers) so you can adjust as you warm up?

    If it were me (and WHEN it is me), I would visit a couple second-hand shops and see what they have that fits. Don't limit yourself to the men's sections. You can find things all over, and sometimes they just get put in the wrong place in the store. I need to STOP buying more high-tech quick-dry shirts because I think I now have more than enough for the gym. I'm still looking for another couple pair of shorts. I only wear my sweats (track pants) if I'm biking to an Ultimate game when it's still cold outside. They come off after warm-up and before the game because... we RUN.

    If they find something that works, maybe they can just ignore the logo? If not - it's just going to take a little longer to find stuff that works. Another advantage of second hand shop if they are planning to lose weight is they can donate it back when it gets too big and find something smaller. That's ALWAYS fun!
  • aokoye
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    amandaeve wrote: »
    Can we get some yoga pants for men, please?

    Prana does have men's yoga pants. They're a bit expensive but under $100. That said I'm still pro tights with or without shorts over them. They'll probably be easier to move in than anything else in terms of yoga.
  • Diatonic12
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