Still Fat But Not Obese Anymore

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Recently, after losing about 60 lbs., I crossed the line from obese to overweight. First crossed that threshold ten years ago. Saw the doctor Friday and due to reduced weight, blood pressure, and glucose we eliminated the statin; eliminated the uric acid reducer for gout; halved the bp medication and if bp is still below target in two weeks will eliminate that too. Since there isn't as much of me to lug around all day anymore I don't need the inhaler for COPD either. So all I'll be left with is a multivitamin and baby aspirin. :)

Losing another 30 to 35 lbs will put me in the upper portion of the normal range which is where he thinks I belong since old folks can have a harder time recovering from weight loss due to illness. So hoping to be down around 175 by my next Dr. visit in the spring. In the meantime will be looking in to improve overall fitness, strength, and endurance as well as weight.


  • RelCanonical
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    Amazing job!
  • girlwithcurls2
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    All fantastic news! You must be feeling great! Hard work is paying off :)
  • teresadannar
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    Wasn't it a great feeling to dump the weight and the OBESE classification?!? Are you excited to see what NORMAL looks like?
  • LAT1963
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    edited December 2019

    <--still 0.7 BMI units above the "obesity II" threshold and taking your success as inspiration. Sharing your result takes your success to help everyone else too so thanks so much for sharing.
  • Basana0909
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    Wow that’s awesome I’m obese as well and can’t wait to get in the overweight category and eventually to a normal healthy weight I’m eating 1200 calories a day and losing 2 to 3 lbs a week !!! Keep up the great work ur truly an inspiration !!!
  • ellie117
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    So my BMI is 35.01 in the “Obese 2” category. My current weight is 244.2 which means I have to loose 70 to get to a normal BMI of 24.9 (175 pounds). I’ve lost 43.8 and I’m so happy because my whole body feels better. My first and most important goal is to get off blood pressure medication. While I would absolutely love to reach my goal weight I’m trying to visualize myself at do you get around that mental part of it? I know what I want to look like but I’m afraid of focusing too much on the outside look more than my health. Like I want to jump into the 1200 calorie a day to loose weight quicker but that’s like wow!

    1200 is not for everyone, and it's not a secret way to lose weight quicker since it's the absolute minimum a woman should eat and could be detrimental to your overall health and nutrition. You sound like you're doing very well on your current plan, so maybe don't try to deviate to a drastic change of 1200 calories right now. When you get closer to that normal range, or you see your progress stall for a number of weeks, then it might be time to adjust your calories lower. Depending what your current daily goal is, dropping just 100/day could be the difference you'd need when you get to that point without going as low as 1200. "Wow!" is right. I try to stick to 1200-1300 per day and it is not always easy, especially this time of year. Otherwise, don't fix what isn't broken! Congratulations on the 40+ drop and good luck at getting off the blood pressure meds!

    As for the mental part of it, it can still feel unbelievable. For me, I didn't recognize myself when I was a 35.8 BMI. I knew I had to find myself again, and that meant shedding the years of depression and fat off my face/body. I'm down to a 25.8 right now and cannot wait to be in the normal range. I still struggle mentally as I do still feel obese some days, but I feel so much more myself now than I did then. It's a wonderful feeling, you'll feel it soon!
  • BrownSugar174
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    @ellie117 I’m so very proud you!! That is awesome! Thank you so much for the insight.
  • AnnofB
    AnnofB Posts: 3,588 Member
    @OldHobo - Congratulations on your loss and that great resulting perk - getting off of some drugs completely or having to take less! You are adding years (healthy years) to your life.
  • jhanleybrown
    jhanleybrown Posts: 240 Member
    The getting off medication is an amazing story and an amazing achievement.
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