Help!! Party season and platters galore!!

I need tips on how to not eat anything from a grazing platter? I’m all or nothing and want to be able to forgo the cheese, dips, chips etc and just focus on a plate of food at a bbq but my will power is horrendous. Tips and tricks please!!!


  • Go_Deskercise
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    I've heard this one before:

    Keep a drink in your dominant hand making your non dominant (useless) hand the one free so you snack less

    Worth a try to see if it works LOL
  • 88olds
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    One day after observing my coworkers a bit I became the office germaphobe. Food sitting out in a room full of people? Ah, no thanks.
  • cobalt108
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    Usually there will be a hummus and veggie tray and I will stick with that until the ‘real’ food is served. I love mini appetizers and def struggle when I see/smell the mini hotdogs in puff pastry coming around.
    I notice that when I don’t have food or am not actively eating people keep trying to push me to taste this this or try that, so I keep like a decoy plate with a extra hummus/veggie etc so when they offer, I can motion to my little plate and say, ‘maybe after I finish this’ etc.
    If your really tempted I would try to stay away from cream based dips and go for homemade guacamole with tortilla chips so at least your getting some healthy fats.
    I also try to help out the host as much as possible when I’m a guest and have noticed that I’m socializing but I’m tondistracted to eat because my hands are full with little tasks.
  • gallicinvasion
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    Try pre-logging the main meal you plan on eating, and any drinks you plan on consuming. If there are a few calories left, then you can go for a few small appetizers. But the key is to put all the food in your diary before you eat it! Helps with mindfulness.
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    Eat beforehand so you aren't starving. For example, have some low calorie vegetable soup (about 100 calories a cup) that will either fill you up or curb your appetite.

    There are certain things I won't touch, because once I start I will eat ten. I watched a co-worker stand and eat 12 really good chocolate chip cookies that must have been 200 or more calories each. No thanks. It's been too hard to get the weight off to put it all back on again. 200 calories = an hour of walking.

    Hold a plate of vegetables. Learn to say, "Thanks, I'm good for now" when people offer you more food.

    Walk away. Seriously, don't stand near the food.
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    I get it. Honestly I do. Especially with all the different foods offered, things you don't normally eat and just want to try, cute little appetizers that can easily mask 100's of extra calories. Cheese, cheese, cheese, everywhere or carbs galore. And that's not even bringing up the dessert tables. :(
    Great ideas have already been offered. I'd definitely load up on the veggies more and just barely pick at anything else. It's the temptation that's the worst part of it, keep listening to your 'do I really want to waste calories on all this'? or 'no, must not touch that'. :) It won't kill the calories if you pick just 1 or 2 items to indulge in so don't completely deny yourself but if you feel you can't stop, then walk away(maybe take just 1 thing?? :)) and don't even start.
    Food is part of celebrating fun, family, friends, and holidays. One meal, one day isn't going to break you. NOT if you get right back to it the next which is easier to do if all that food isn't at your house. :)
    I hosted a potluck dinner, indulged that one day and first thing the next a.m., threw out everything dh wouldn't eat.
    Thanksgiving-ate at my sisters and brought home leftover pie(pumpkin is my big downfall), ate what I wanted, next a.m. threw out everything dh wouldn't eat. See a pattern? Don't deny yourself to the point you're feeling.......well, denied. :) Indulge a bit, then get right back to it.
    And good luck!!!