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  • sam_bonez
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    Hope everyone had a great weekend! I was not able to workout due to working 16 hours everyday....hoping I can tomorow!
  • Yikes! 16 hour days, that sounds like hell. At that point sleep is more important than exercising. Hope you get some rest!
  • amyann7693
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    You can add me if you would like. Support helps me too!
  • sam_bonez
    sam_bonez Posts: 381 Member
    All part of my job. I usually get about 3-4 hours then I’m back to work for another 8 or 16 hours 🤷‍♀️
  • SlimmerNewSarah
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    Same here! Good luck and hope you’re having a great week.
  • rahimlj
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    Looking for something similar. Currently down about 20lbs. I have another 50 or so to go until I get to my goal weight.

    🙂✌️ It's hard to stay motivated sometimes especially when there's so much more to lose but in trying.

    Losing fat and trying to gain a bit more muscle.
  • kjm1566
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    I’m 25, also looking for support - especially with late night overeating
  • Me too.
  • keane2018
    keane2018 Posts: 35 Member
    My meals are generally healthy but I have a sweet tooth 😅 what do you guys do to avoid treats? Thanks!
  • mfpphoenixx
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    Hi! I tried to add everyone but if I missed you, you can add me if u want. Looking for accountability buddies and support. Thanks and have a great day!
  • tiffany80802017
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    edited December 2019
    If anyone is still interested I’d love to have a diet buddy :)

    About me:
    -Get about 1-2 hours per day of cardio and about 2 one hour sessions of weights per week.
    -Started using MFP and exercising daily about 3 months ago.
    -This year, lost ~50 lbs, have ~100 lbs to go.
    -Sedentary job
    -Vegetarian most of the time... eat fish a few times per year.
  • sam_bonez
    sam_bonez Posts: 381 Member
    keane2018 wrote: »
    My meals are generally healthy but I have a sweet tooth 😅 what do you guys do to avoid treats? Thanks!

    Same! I try to go for sugar free jello, pudding and Popsicles lol
  • I also need an accountability partner!
  • TrueGrit732
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    I workout regularly but have an insatiable sweet tooth...accountability partners would be helpful and I promise not to be just a bump on a long in your timeline. Anyone who is active can feel free to add me.
  • Juudai
    Juudai Posts: 2 Member
    Hello! This is my second attempt at using MyFitnessPal, and I think having one (or more!) accountability partner will make it so this time around I will be able to reach my goal. I'm looking for someone who's going to be checking in every day or every other day, and if that doesn't happen we'll poke each other to see what's up.
  • WatchitBeginAgain
    WatchitBeginAgain Posts: 41 Member
    Feel Free to add me. I am always looking for anyone who can help me stay accountable. I am happy to do the same.
  • HamptonsGuy
    HamptonsGuy Posts: 72 Member
    Same please add me i am looking at getting very into this for 2020. A pivotal year. Gonna be great
  • bhurley100
    bhurley100 Posts: 201 Member
    Everyone feel free to add me as well!

    Also, I am looking for a 1 on 1 accountability partner! Message me if interested!

    I am 31 and need to get and stay on track with a clean eating and portion control diet and do a workout video or flexibility training daily. Looking to share daily goals and motivate each other daily to get in good habits!
  • sam_bonez
    sam_bonez Posts: 381 Member
    Hope everyone is staying on track :) I know it's hard during the holidays and I had a setback yesterday where I ate and drank EVERYTHING in sight. Back at it's okay to fall down, just as long as you get right back up and keep going :)
  • sherise12
    sherise12 Posts: 4 Member
    have a huge appetite and constantly needing to shop for fresh veggies and preparing to have them on the go is tiring

    have around 20-30 pounds to lose