Got to get this sorted!

Hi all

Fed up fat chap from Wiltshire, UK here :-)

Currently 95kg (56yo Male) and want to get to my target weight of 72kg. Not the best time of year to restart this effort with Christmas just a week or so away but it has to be done!

Have tried myfitnesspal before but fell off the wagon. Absolutely determined this time.


Fed Up Fat Chap :-)


  • RovP6
    RovP6 Posts: 109 Member
    Hi there, yes December is a challenging month to start a weight loss programme. I tend to treat weight loss as a long term ie rest of life type thing, so there's no such thing as falling off the wagon. You simply have good days and bad days. As long as you have more good days than bad then you will achieve your goals. The ideal ration is 80:20 good to bad. Do that consistently and you'll get there. I'm 53 by the way and started this about 4 years ago with a combined approach of strength training and calorie tracking. Feel free to send me friend request if you want some (relatively) local support (I'm in Scotland). Good luck.
  • forestfreek
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    This time of the year is hard but in my experience there is always some reason or occasion that could potentiallly interfere with dieting. That’s why you have to make it a lifestyle instead of a weight loss mission. It’s all about the mind set. You can do it 🎉😊