Fantasy Football

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Anybody else addicted to fantasy football?

I was in six leagues this year (down from a high of 30 a few years ago...). Four of the six made the playoffs, all of them reaching the semi-finals. Unfortunately, I met the twin buzz-saws of Lamar Jackson and Kenyan Drake, knocking three of my four teams out. Just leaves me with one team left in the championship round. Knock on wood...

My format of choice is PPR IDP Auction.


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    Fantasy Football?


    ... but I do gamble heavily on Synchronized Swimming.
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    I was in 8 leagues this season and made the playoffs in all of them. However, like you, I only reached the championship in one of them. Last year I cleared $1K in winnings but this year I'll break even if I win my matchup this week. I don't even care. I'm so deflated.

    Who's kidding who... I'm gonna go hard on DraftKings these final two weeks of the season.
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    1. How on earth were you able to do 30 drafts?!
    2. How on earth were you able to keep up with filling bye weeks, watching the waiver wire, and managing injuries in 30 leagues?!

    I'm in two, for about 6-7 years now. I've made it to the championship in one league 3 times, and won it all last year. My other league is an all-women league, and I'm actually consistently terrible in it. But, I cannot give it up. It's fun.
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    I'm only in one league, and leading it right now. :smile:
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    Keeping up with 30 leagues was too much, even if I only spent an average of a couple minutes on each one per week. Hence dropping all but the ones I actually cared about, and even now I'm looking to drop at least one of those for next year, possibly as many as three, which would leave me with only three leagues. But we'll see.

    My wife used to give me grief about how much time I spent on fantasy football, doing online research, managing my teams, etc. I told her I could always be like the stereotypical guy, going out to bars every night for hours with friends, drinking it up, possibly hitting on or getting hit on by girls, temptation to stray, etc, coming home who knows how late, spending the mortgage money on gambling, yada yada yada. By comparison, she always knew exactly where I was (home), how much I was spending (zero--only do free leagues), always present to help with chores or kids' homework, etc. She quickly rethought her objection and hasn't bothered me about it since, lol.
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    What a roller coaster of a championship weekend! After Saturday I was up, but knew I was in trouble since my QB Watson put up a stinker in his game. But on Sunday along came RB Saquan Barkley to my rescue, posting huge numbers to put me ahead with a large score going into MNF.

    Unfortunately, not quite large enough, as my opponent had RB Aaron Jones. With five minutes left in the game I thought I may actually pull this off, but then the guy rips off a long touchdown run to dash my hopes. Phooey.

    But hey, my IRL Denver Broncos won, and next week we get to play spoiler to ruin the playoff dreams of our most hated division rivals, the Raiders.