What do you hope you get for the holidays?



  • Deadman_Diggingup
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    Assurance of no more than one lay-off this year would tickle my fancy.
  • AriesFL
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    Milk and cookies
  • cwolfman13
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    I'm getting a Garmin Instinct and I bought my wife a Garmin Vivioactive 3. We already know what we bought each other because we make sure we tell each other what we want to avoid getting some random thing. We do stocking stuffers for each other as well, so that stuff will be a surprise. We also bought ourselves a new dishwasher this year as a Christmas present to ourselves and our sanity.
  • ellie117
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    I really don't like when people buy me things. But the family members that insist to give me something every year started giving me cards with the cash they would have spent on a gift, with explicit instruction to use towards my student loans, which has been super helpful over the years (I only have 2 payments left until completely student-loan free!)

    My husband and my anniversary is the 28th, we are going on our honeymoon/anniversarymoon on the 30th to Jamaica. So I hope for a safe, fun, relaxing, romantic trip together.

    I bought my husband wireless ear buds, since his wired headphones always get dirty/broken at work. He's never had wireless before so I hope he enjoys. I also hope my BIL's girlfriend likes the surprise gift I got her, a female-empowerment cookbook called Empowdered Sugar featuring punny names and recipes tailored around influential women in history.

    Happy holidays, everyone!
  • Wnd3rWmn
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    I love reading, so I want a new Nook B)
    I know, I know.....NERD ALERT!!!
  • TarryTaffy
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    USAFProud wrote: »
    The one and only thing I have wanted for the last three Christmas’s is my son home on leave. We missed one Christmas because of deployment.

    I’m picking him up Sunday morning at 0550. 😂🎄

    How perfect! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas for you both!

    I'm getting my early Christmas gifts tomorrow... an enamel Dutch oven (I hope they have blue in stock, but I'll take what I can find) & some kitchenware so I can begin baking some coffee cakes & a Christmas Cornish hen next wk.
  • Reckoner68
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    A peloton but I want the value pack that comes with free controversy
  • mi_nina_lola
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    i hope i can get to see the specialist at cancer care who can get me the immunotherapy that i really need so i can stop getting infections. it's a bit of a stretch so i might just have to wait a few weeks. but other than that - just brunch with my husband and children. that's enough for me. :)