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Around 100 lbs to lose anyone.

I have lost 123 lbs over many years, but struggle at times to continue to lose the remaining 92 or so lbs. Tried of doing it alone. Looking to make friends that are going through similar situation.
If you have around 90 to 100 or even more to lose, please feel free to add me we can support and encourage each other.


  • ploomka
    ploomka Posts: 308 Member
    @zaraizzy56 you're not alone! Feel free to add me. My food diary is open to friends.
  • LunaLove2013
    LunaLove2013 Posts: 16 Member
    I have 80 to lose until my goal weight, with around 100 for my ultimate goal weight. I've currently lost 12 pounds this last month! Anyone reading this, feel free to add me, I have an open food diary to friends.
  • quemalosuerte
    quemalosuerte Posts: 242 Member
    I had over a hundred to lose when i started. I’m down 35lbs since May and have about 75 to go to be in a healthy BMI. Definitely welcome to all friends (with the exception of men who feel they must communicate through sexual comments, which is something i had never dealt with joining the message boards here)
  • Jassaph
    Jassaph Posts: 44 Member
    Oh please add me too, i really want to shed about 90 pound of fat
  • DyneSalcar
    DyneSalcar Posts: 45 Member
    I have about 125 to go to my healthy weight. I've yo-yo dieted for years so I'm working to learn my triggers for relapse and binge eating so I can successfully improve my health
  • hpowell14
    hpowell14 Posts: 3 Member
    100 pounds would be good for me, at this point- I'd be happy with 20. I need to do this so you can add me. I'll open my diary and would love to see how other people are being successful.
  • JillyJSS
    JillyJSS Posts: 1 Member
    For some strange reason felt the urge to start logging again and stumbled across the community page.
    Desperate not to undo the hard work over Christmas.

    28 down with 98 left to go. Would love the encouragement and commaradary.

    Good like everyone- we’ve got this