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Hi, I'm Priya. I'm happy to be back at MFP. I have successfully lost the weight before, but I'm back to get healthy, not just to lose the weight.

I've dealt with an eating disorder for quite a while, and I'm ready to switch my mindset to health over everything else. :)

I've been underweight, and now I'm very much overweight but ready for health to define where I really should be with the scale and my body.

I'm looking to make friends who've been through something similar or can at least understand where I'm coming from.. and who I can cheer on, along with my own progress!

Oh, and I edited this to add.... I love yoga and am just beginning to learn the proper form with weight lifting. I also own an elliptical which I neglect far too often for how cool of a machine it is- I'm looking to change that.


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    Feel free to add me, God knows I could do with a buddy to help motivate each other! We can encourage each other onto the elliptical!
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    Thank you! I sent a request :) .. and yes omg, I need the motivation to use the elliptical LOL
    Love your username btw.