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I Want to Learn

Hey there!

Like the title says, I'm here to learn. I want to learn to make good choices for my energy and overall health. I want to know what foods to eat, what exercises to do and how to stay on track when hurdles pop up in my path. What has and is working for you? Check out my profile to see what I'm about, and please, reach out and friend me if you think you have knowledge to impart, want to learn from me as I grow, or think we have similar interests and goals. I could use the support and accountability a friend group will give me.

Caveat: Please be kind. I am a beginner and I don't want trolling or bullying to make me doubt myself or my journey and quit. Yes, I did eat that peanut butter cup this morning. BUT, eating that peanut butter cup when I hadn't had any other breakfast is what got me on this platform. I am ready for change.


  • neugebauer52
    neugebauer52 Posts: 1,120 Member
    You came to the right place. MFP and all those supportive and knowledgeable members are the best what could ever happen to me. 625 days gone, 48 kg / over 100 pounds lost so far.
  • Lietchi
    Lietchi Posts: 6,460 Member
    Some things that work for me, are:
    - introducing change gradually: start by logging what you currently eat (use a food scale!) and then, when you're at ease, set your goals in MFP to calculate your calorie goal. Don't be too ambitious regarding your weekly weight loss goal, slow and steady wins the race!
    - don't feel like you need to follow a specific diet or exclude all 'junk foods'. I've lost 22lbs just eating the foods I like, in appropriate quantities. Sticking to your calorie goal is so much easier when you don't feel deprived! Later on you can gradually adapt what you eat, according to what makes you feel more satiated, is better for your health,... if you want.
    - exercise is great for your health, but not strictly necessary for weight loss. So exercise if you want (start gradually) doing something you enjoy. Personally, exercising allows me to respect my calorie goal more easily, since it increases how much I can eat
    - aside from exercise, just being more active is a good easy to burn more calories: taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking the car further from the entrance of the supermarket, etc.
    - be aware that weight fluctuates daily (water retention, food waste in the digestive system...) so look at your longer term weight trend and take measurements and pictures to monitor your progress

    Good luck!
  • munda_jamesSWP
    munda_jamesSWP Posts: 17 Member
    I am here to learn with you, as well. Would love to follow you so that we can be accountable for each other. Good luck with everything.
  • ellie117
    ellie117 Posts: 293 Member
    @Lietchi has some good advice.

    I second the idea that you don't have to exclude certain foods or "bad foods." I've lost 60lbs while still eating pizza and alcohol. Moderation is key, mentally so you don't deprive yourself and physically so you don't eat more calories than needed. I went from 4 slices of pizza to 2. From 12 craft beers a night to a few White Claws or glasses of wine.

    Having mini goals is helpful, but don't get discouraged if you don't make it. This isn't a race with a finish line, this is for life. If you want to lose 50lbs in x amount of months, don't give up if you lose 45. You'll get to that 50lb mark eventually, you just have to keep going.

    Build sustainable habits, not just ones that show a quick drop in the scale. I gained back 20lbs in a few months because I got to a weight I was satisfied with and then didn't keep up with the habits I built. I'm back on track the past few months and almost lost the regain.

    It's great that you're here. This app is very helpful and the forums are full of knowledgeable members.
  • JonBedsaul
    JonBedsaul Posts: 15 Member
    FR Sent