Getting to shape after baby#4 🥴

Hey. My weight was 54kg before pregnancy, went up to 77when pregnant. It’s been 3months since baby was born and I’m down to 63, but the weight is on standstill 🤷🏼‍♀️, so here I am trying the app recommend by my brother


  • ToBePriya
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    Welcome to MFP! I've found this app to be super helpful, especially with motivating friends. :)
    The smiley face on your post's title made me LOL- looking forward to a new year filled with healthy living.
  • moonangel12
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    Welcome to MFP! Congrats on baby #4! I have two boys and two girls :) this has been the most consistent and successful way I have been able to shed some of the extra weight (pre baby, 2006 I was 140... up and down, 4 kids in 5.5 years... hysterectomy last year... SW 173 in September, down to 158!)