Fitbit and calories burned

Ive paired my fitbit to mfp and mfp is only showing calories from steps not the calories burned through working out etc... how do i fix this?


  • agilewhippet
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    As far as I know, it only uses the steps.
  • MeteoraTitanium
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    I have fitbit charge hr 2, its the same with step logging only. I have to copy data from fitbit and manually type excercise into mfp if you want your workouts to show up.
    Another way, providing your goals are matching on both apps, calories will sync by the end of the day.
  • Duck_Puddle
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    There’s nothing to fix.

    Fitbit is sending mfp your total calories burned for the day (including any workouts you recorded on your Fitbit).

    Mfp takes the number of calories Fitbit says you burned and subtracts the number of calories that it thinks you burned (based on your activity level that you chose on mfp).

    The difference is the calorie adjustment that shows on the “steps” line in your diary. If you want to see the calculations-you can click on that entry in the mobile app (then click again to see the details) or click the “i” on the web page.

    The actual adjustment has nothing to do with steps. Showing the number of steps can help confirm if Fitbit and mfp have synced recently.

    If you want a newsfeed status for your workouts-you can just post a status of your own and tell everyone what an amazing workout you did.
  • hipari
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    @Duck_Puddle is correct.

    A note on the adjustment: at least at some point in time (=last time I checked) it was calculated based on your current burn rate for the day. This means that if you work out in the morning, it will be inflated immediately after your workout and then lower towards the end of the day when it evens out.