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When did people notice?



  • NovusDies
    NovusDies Posts: 8,940 Member
    kperk91 wrote: »
    I've only lost the first 7 lbs of my journey since starting 8 weeks ago (40lbs to lose). My mom asked how much I lost because I already looked less bloated to her. It was a good thing to hear. I know the journey takes time and results can be slow to show - but sometimes I just want those results a little quicker :D

    That is not slow at all. That is a good pace.

    Everyone wants it to be done a little faster at times. I have been teaching myself to embrace the time it takes. If I get to some sort of goal too quickly and I have not fundamentally changed my habits and my mindset I am at greater risk of regaining.
  • rmberra
    rmberra Posts: 20 Member
    ElBence wrote: »
    There may be a difference between noticing, and saying something. I'm 6'0" and started at 222 lbs. The first person to say anything did so at about 15 lbs. Some people said something at 20-25. I'm down to 175, and some people just barely said something. I think people sometimes don't say something because it may be considered impolite.

    This was my experience, too. Also, as a group, the people who spent the summer months away were quicker to say something.
  • s_rivera_92
    s_rivera_92 Posts: 92 Member
    I'm an inverted triangle shape. So, I slim down under the boobs, my sides, and my back first. (I'm barely 5'5. I think just shy of it.) Recently lost 8lbs and I've already been receiving compliments from those who see me bi-weekly that don't know I've been dieting and working out. Not to sound crude but wide shoulders and big boobs... I think it's super noticable when the eye goes to that area first. 😅