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Hey everyone, about 3 years ago I saw a picture of myself and I was just embarrassed. I weighed 285 and it showed! I immediately started working on my diet and began to incorporate some exercise. That grew into refining my diet more and learning new methods of exercise. There has been some ups and downs weight loss/gain but I have finally broke the 200lb mark. I’m down to 192 now, and I’m sure that the scale doesn’t account for the muscle I’ve built. Ive not taken any extreme approach, as I don’t want to live my life in a way that eliminates everything. Over the years I have really learned about a balanced diet and what “my purposes” are. I even hired a trainer for a few sessions. I’ve now incorporated yoga into my life and it seems the lbs are starting to shed again. For me, it has been a growing experience. My mind, body and soul are on the mend and I feel great! Last year I had pre-diabetes, a fatty liver and high cholesterol. That’s all gone. I’m 50 years old and have turned my life around. I can’t express the importance enough to anyone who is new, that it can be done naturally. You may not lose a massive amount of weight quickly, but if you hang in there it will come off naturally. With proper diet and exercise your body will find its natural weight like water finding its level. And yes, I still eat pepperoni pizza from time to time!!🤪😉🤣


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    Great work!!! That’s quite the accomplishment!!
  • jlhalley7835
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    Very inspiring! Keep up the great work, i think you have an awesome approach. Don't eliminate, stay balanced, stay consistent. Later this year I'll be posting the same thing! Also great job getting a handle on your health and avoiding diabetes, and potential heart diseases!