Newbie Seeking Companions in Commitment

Hello and Happy New Year to all!

Feeling great and had good workout yesterday! Also went to my organic gardening group! Had good light meals, but oh dear, I had several Godiva chocolates that were a gift. Than goodness dh is helping in the consumption. I ve had two knee replacement surgeries, last one over a year ago and need to drop about 20 lbs. doing well, but having trouble getting back on track!

Not sure how posting and working with this blog works.

Have a great day everyone! I’ m giving myself 10 minutes to get the day going!


  • Jaxsgma
    Jaxsgma Posts: 55 Member
    Newbie here also, hoping to loose about 30 pounds. Drop me a line and we can work together. wintersmarybeth
  • jessstere
    jessstere Posts: 15 Member
    I am new to the blog as well, my suggestion is to start on the challenges page and join a challenge to get things started. I am starting with a plank challenge to get committed to something.
  • pcn7
    pcn7 Posts: 11 Member
    Thanks. I’ve seen them but of course I’ve never take the time to do one!

    Will try!
  • tuddy315
    tuddy315 Posts: 11,282 Member
    Welcome all! I am involved in "The Biggest Looser" challenge. It is a team challenge and we all post our weight each week. January is now closed to new members, but if you want to get involved, let me know and I will tell my team leader to contact you for the February challenge.

    Good luck to you!
  • pcn7
    pcn7 Posts: 11 Member