Anyone feel SO happy to make it through the first two weeks of a diet?

I'm so used to eating copious amounts of food that when I start cutting down, I'm always left hungry and unsatisfied until my stomach can adjust. I made it past the initial two weeks and every night I go to bed within calorie limit AND full now. Soo happy!!! Veggies are really a life saver, eating a bunch with some lean protein has been my saving grace!

What do you guys eat/do to curb your appetite and staying full? For me it's the volume in the veggies and I always need to eat some kind of protein, otherwise it's not a complete meal to me and I'm not satisfied.


  • NewTnme
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    Congratulations !!!! I myself love to have a bowl of special K red berries ore Raisin Bran crunch cereal with 30 cal unsweetened almond milk before bed time most nights within my calorie goal. Very satisfying. 😊
  • Katmary71
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    You sound like my twin, I've turned into a total veggie nut, in the last year I tried every vegetable I'd never had, cooked every one I'd never cooked, and branched out to the Asian market to find new stuff. I try to have protein at every meal too. Aside of vegetables and protein I also like combining butternut squash, baked apple, and Greek yogurt with cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice for dessert.