HELLO to the community!!

New member say hi!!! Trying to lose weight and get healthy would love support& advise.
Best of Luck to All!!❤️


  • valvolfson
    valvolfson Posts: 19 Member
    Welcome to the community! Great job on trying, that's all you can really ask of yourself. you just have to know fundamentally that every effort, every day is part of your progress and no matter how small of an effort you put in, it all adds up. Be sure to take full advantage of the App, it gets easier and easier to use over time as you get into your routines. Don't be afraid to ask for help or motivation here anytime you feel discouraged! What are some of your goals?
  • navyvet56
    navyvet56 Posts: 10 Member
    Hello I am new to the app. Feel free to add me. Could use some motivation and tips in help in my weight loss journey.
  • shaykinhand
    shaykinhand Posts: 80 Member
    Welcome and good luck!
    BEAUTYMS562 Posts: 7 Member
    Thank you everyone .. appreciate that
  • navyvet56
    navyvet56 Posts: 10 Member
    How do you add friends?
  • RepswithRyan
    RepswithRyan Posts: 171 Member
    You click their profile photo twice and click the silhouette of the two people on the right. :smile: