Exercise calories do you use them for food?



  • WinoGelato
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    I choose not to and the calorie burn for Zumba is pretty much accurate on mfp.

    So if you feel it’s accurate then why wouldn’t you eat them back? How do you know it’s activate if you aren’t factoring those calories burned into your data points?
  • freda666
    freda666 Posts: 338 Member
    I think it is odd that people who want to lose weight and therefore "move more" then eat more food to compensate for that extra movement.

    Makes no sense to me at all.

    Obviously a different conversation if you are exercising for health reasons but if you are eating a variety of foods to cover your nutritional needs while not moving then what is the point of moving if you then going to just eat back the calories???
  • kali31337
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    I don't usually unless I think I need them (body is sending hunger cues or I had a big workout and I know my body is craving them)
  • Safari_Gal_
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    I only eat my excercise calories back if im famished. Otherwise - no. YMMV. 😉
  • glassyo
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    I like food so I ate every last exercise point earned on weight watchers and every last exercise calorie earned while counting calories. And I lost (except for the year I didn't....damned over exercise estimating fitbit!).
  • betsymoomoo
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    I use a heart rate monitor when I exercise so mine is fairly accurate. And I used my apple watch to determine my activity level.

    I eat most of mine back. But I won't eat if I'm over full. I might also go a little over if I'm hungry.
  • lgfrie
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    When I started dieting, I used MFP's Goal number and ate 1/2 or so of my exercise calories back. However, I found myself starting to do excessive, multiple daily workouts to earn more food, and at some point decided the situation was becoming destructive. So I went to TDEEcalculator.net, got a calorie quota that included an hour of exercise, and went with that. Been happy with it ever since. In the end, the total calories are around the same regardless of which approach you use (MFP's NEAT vs TDEE), but I learned that I really need exercise to be completely separate from food consumption in order to avoid bad behaviors.
  • H_Ock12
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    Eat them!!!! Alternatively, bank them for a couple of days and have a treat at the end of the week.