Recommendations for a Cross Trainer/Ski Trainer


I am looking for something that is foldable, I have little space and need something that can be stored out of the way and that doesn't cost the earth.

I like the idea of a Cross Trainer so arms and legs will both get a workout.

I have seen a couple of Ski type trainers, these have flat flootplates and handles that move back and forth and are both foldable (e.g. I've seen couple on IdealWorld TV and in Argos).

I need suggestions and your genuine thoughts, so many reviews are so conflicting!

Thank you


  • tinkerbellang83
    tinkerbellang83 Posts: 9,058 Member
    I don't think I'd be overly comfortable with a foldable cross trainer, they don't seem particularly sturdy.

    Foldable rowing machine could work though if you're looking for a full body work out.
  • MarcyMavin
    MarcyMavin Posts: 142 Member
    Concept2 makes a skierg, haven’t looked too closely at it though.
  • aokoye
    aokoye Posts: 3,495 Member
    I was going to suggest Concept2's skierg, but that doesn't fit your foot plate type of thing, which I'm assuming is akin to a NordicTrack skier. I does have a very small footprint though. I do remember really enjoying my mom's NordicTrack when I was a child, but I was also a child so I can't really give you a review other than that it stood up to a fair amount of use (my mom was someone who actually used the exercise machines she bought - she's also that 67 year old who you see in the gym 5 days a week).

    All that said, whatever you do I would try out whatever you're wanting to buy before you buy it or make sure that whomever you're buying it from has a generous return policy.