New kitty!

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We adopted a sweet little black kitty from the SPCA. His name is Shadow. Neutered, shots up to date, going for his physical tomorrow AM.



  • gothchiq
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    He's a purrbox. Also loves to play!
  • diets_and_daiquiris
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    So cute!
  • jjpptt2
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    yay for rescuing!
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    Love the name shadows .
  • go_cubs
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    Cute kittyyyy
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    Enjoy him!

    We are a TNR and foster family.
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    Well here's a cat update! Shadow is now one year old. And there is also a neighborhood cat who comes by often. People around here feed her and no one knows whose she is. She is black, female, and floofy. Very friendly. Shadow feels that she is intruding on his territory by sitting outside on the deck. He growls and yowls and screams, which only serves to alert me that she is here looking for food. I run outside with food and water and Shadow is just beside himself. My husband took photos of him with his tail all poofed out. XD
  • gothchiq
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    Here is Shadow trying to eat my computer chair. This was in November I think.
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    Aww I love Shadow!
  • HealthyGinny
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    the cutest!! <3
  • gothchiq
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    You'll love what he did this AM. I was sitting here getting ready for work and he jumped right onto my eyeshadow palette and then tracked blue and purple eyeshadow everywhere. I yell BOYEEEEEEEE and he bounces around, not caring at all, decorating the area with his prints.

    Shadows are for Shadow, right? He dindu nuffin! LOL
  • mommabear4315
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    That little shadow looks like my Houdini