Eating bacon every morning, what are your thoughts?

What's so bad about bacon that we advice not eating it too often? Other than nitrates potentially, what's harmful about bacon?


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    sounds delicious!!!!
    I personally like the taste of turkey bacon or chicken bacon
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    If youve got time
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    Did someone say bacon 🥓 🤗🤗
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    I’m in for bacon❤️
    Crisp and drained on paper towels, delicious!! Tried turkey bacon, once, no comparison taste wise. Husband said “never buy this again”. Both have nitrates. As with other processed meats, nitrates may be a risk. I’ve been eating bacon all my life (68), and so far🤞🏻no health issues, but I usually only have it for Sunday breakfast.
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    Bacon is your friend. Weigh it cooked and drained unless the pan fat is to be drank (or is it drunk?). I like to make a bed of several pieces of cooked bacon and top it with a fried egg. Or, I urge a bacon and date sandwich in a scorched low calories tortilla wrap.
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    I eat bacon almost everyday... sooo good! And the calories aren't bad.
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    acpgee wrote: »

    Have you read the study attached to the article, it's based on self-reported questionnaires, by no means a controlled study of diet/lifestyle. Results were that increased cancer risk was associated with intake of red meat. Meaning it's correlative rather than causitive.

    Otherwise we should all stop eating cheese, in case we might die from our bedsheets


    this made me literally lol; thank you! :laugh:
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    The increase in risk doesn't seem to be significant, if it's just that I will keep eating my bacon :D . I was more concerned about the immediate or short term effects.
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    I go through phases with my breakfasts. I've been eating oatmeal every morning for breakfast for the last several months but before that I was eating bacon and egg tacos every morning. Yum. Bacon is life.
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    I eat bacon quite often. However, I don't have to worry about nitrates because my roommates brother raises the pigs we get so it is all fresh and not injected with anything......and tastes way better than grocery store pkgs.
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    I rarely eat it anymore, but doesn't mean I won't ever again. My problem with it is, I can't just eat 2 pieces and be satisfied with it. It's that good! as far as healthy option, most likely not the best, but I would rather have my last meal with bacon in it than a carrot! :)
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    There’s risk from many things in life. Some things are worth risks, bacon is one of the worthwhile risks 🥓
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    Not a huge bacon guy. I'll make it a couple times per month when we have our family Sunday breakfasts but I wouldn't want to eat it everyday. I do eat a lot of turkey breakfast sausage though. Two servings is only about 200 calories, low in saturated fat, and 22 grams of protein. That and a couple of eggs scrambled is a pretty frequent breakfast for me.