Down 16lbs!! Anyone else doing keto?

Down 16 pounds in 2 weeks! I’ll take it! I’m sure it’s a lot of water weight but this has been a great kickstart to my journey. It’s also teaching me that I don’t NEED sugar like I thought I did.
Who else is doing keto? Add me, please. I’m looking for low carb friends 😁


  • Lisbetha95
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    I did stricht keto in september/november and found it to be effective. I have since switched to a low carb approach as I found it more sustainable, I still try to stay as low as I can.
    I found out I was addicted to sugar after not eating it for so long, and I have to say it's very liberating.
  • I just started keto too! Just started a week ago, but am looking forward to it. Glad your seeing results
  • FitnessLoveHealth
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    Also just started Keto . Looking for some like minded friends .
    It has started to work already. Shifted a few Christmas pounds thankfully!!
  • ellenoh2003
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    I have recently started. Somewhat. Still learning. Have lost weight but I realised how many carbs I was having which was off the charts!! Hit a struggle recently as I had uncontrollable carb cravings so got back on mfp for support. I work long night shifts and the tiredness is torture for carb cravings. It does seem very effective for weight loss but it is not easy :(
  • sarcstk1inct
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    I started keto about 3 weeks ago. I am down 12 pounds. I am doing it with intermittent fasting and one cheat meal every 2 weeks. I don't eat after 8pm and my first meal of the day isn't till 10am. I walk daily and work out when my joints permit. The hardest part of keto is balancing energy, nutrition, and especially fiber! I have done keto in the past, and for someone like me, who craves crunch and salt, it's hard to give up the food that satisfies that desire. But now, keto is more popular, and the options are better. I am grateful for that.

    I do 12 days of straight keto, keeping my calories close or under 1200, but above 1000 so I don't go into starvation and my net carbs under 30.
    On the 13th day, I eat keto for breakfast and lunch and allow myself one dinner where I eat something I wouldn't normally on keto. It gives me something to look forward to and also allows me to go to events, like weddings or parties and have the ability to feel "normal", but I still try and be mindful of the carb intake. This past week, I had a wonderful slice of New Haven pizza. But I limited it to one and filled up on wings...
    On the 14th day, I fast till dinner, then have a keto dinner and possibly a keto snack if I am still hungry.

    It helps me feel like I am not depriving myself of the one thing I crave... which is bread. I think that's the thing I miss the most.

    I have been hunting since I started this for a good keto bread recipe. One that is flaky or soft rather than dense. So if anyone comes across one, please share!
  • tokyofroodle
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    Hey! I’m back on the keto train again too. I’m going to do this month regular keto and then I’m thinking about just doing carnivore because even vegetable carbs tempt me to go crazy lol. Good luck!

    Those “calorie in/calorie out”people bug me. For many people it really does matter what foods you’re eating. I’ve done plant based (vegan) at 1200-1700 calories and gained weight. My base metabolic rate is almost 3000 daily burn just for being alive because of my size.
    It does depend on what you get your calories FROM. And then the amount.

    Every body is different.
  • Kotuliak
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    I’ve done plant based (vegan) at 1200-1700 calories and gained weight. My base metabolic rate is almost 3000 daily burn just for being alive because of my size.

    That's a good one!

    I'm trying to do the opposite. My MBR is 2,000 calories and I would like to lose weight on a 3,000 calorie diet, with no exercise. Any tips?

  • TheRedQueen1981
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    I’ve been doing keto for 8 months now. The first six months I was extremely strict and didn’t have a single cheat meal in that time. I had carbs over Christmas, which felt great but I’ve been strict again ever since. Sometimes I do find it difficult since I really miss many things but actually, I’m eating much more variety than ever before since I now eat a lot of things I never would have done in the past. I rarely ate meat before but now I do so daily and the best thing of all is that I now eat fish at least twice per week. I went from hating fish to it being my favourite food now.

    I’m happy to accept friend requests and give my advice and support to anyone who needs it.
  • IamMicah
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    Start Date: July 22 2019
    Down:44.5 lbs
  • Stefbomb2020
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    I started keto hope to find some nice menu plans
  • MrsB921
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    I started doing a modified keto, i try to keep my carbs under 20-30 per day, but I'm also eating a lot of lean meats. I had my gallbladder removed so the really high fats don't sit well with me. Congrats on the 16 lbs! That's amazing!!! Mine is coming off slowly but surely, 9 lbs in just under a month.