Sugar Suppress. Has this helped anyone break the sugar/reward cycle?

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What the title says. Has anyone used this to help make sugar less rewarding, and does it actually help for more than a couple days? I don't see a general problem in occasional sweets, and I'm not trying to make sugar into a forbidden monster, but one of my two biggest downfalls right now is major sugar cravings. The other is eating whenever I'm sitting for any length of time. That one I am finding workarounds for, but sugar is totally kicking my butt. I'm hoping for something to break the association of sugar= big dopamine release.


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    I self-medicate with exercise these days. I'm not a runner, but can get "runner's high" from many other types of activities.

    I used to "bored-eat" in the afternoons of my desk job, but upping protein and exercise stopped that. What's your protein goal % and how well do you do meeting it?

    I ate tons of high sugar fruit when I was in Costa Rico 15 years ago but dropped a size without even trying. It's not sugar per se that is my down fall, but sugar wrapped in lots of calories like the fat and flour in baked goods and the fat in ice cream.

    Try upping fruit, protein, and exercise and see if that helps.
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    The first two months on MFP, I totally avoided sweets (and other foods that I perceived as not good for losing weight) lost 40 pounds. Then I read on here some great advice, there’s no need to eliminate any food, just stick to a calorie deficit and monitor your macros to make sure you’re getting enough nutrition. Went on to lose over 1/2 my body weight. I probably would have given up (like I did thousands of times before) if not for that advice.

    Everyone is different, we have to experiment and find what works for each of us.
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    I've never heard of the product, and tend to be very skeptical about such things, so can't help with that.

    Re a desire for something sweet, have you tried having some fruit? If I just wanted something sweet, fruit would hit the spot, and you can eat a decent amount for not too many cals and some nutrients and a little fiber.

    I think you are smart not to make sugar a forbidden thing, and working it in occasionally and then thinking "no now, tomorrow after dinner" IMO can work for many, but if that isn't preventing the cravings, maybe also adding in something else sweet at such times would (like the fruit)?
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    Went ahead and got some to try, and my daughter and I both tried one this is wild! It's not punishing or anything, just not sweet. They are a bit bitter, but bearable, and sweet flavor is completely blocked.
    Lemon creme sandwich cookie was tasteless and pasty cream, and just wheaty cookie.
    Caramel was bitter.
    Lemon skittle just sour lemon taste.
    Chocolate chip was like dark chocolate or bakers chocolate.
    Diet Pepsi was like really old, flat diet pepsi.
    Tortilla chip was actually pretty good. No sugar brought out the corn and salt really well, and it tasted like a more expensive brand.
    It's only supposed to last an hour or so, so I'm hoping they can help me beat tough cravings and after dinner snack attacks.