Sit At Desk All Day

I could really use some new friends to help me achieve my last 10 pounds. I sit at a desk all day and it is a struggle to keep the weight off. I have been able to lose a lot of weight doing deskercise's while at work. I am on daily and love the interaction with my fellow MFP teammates. Feel free to add me...please!!!


  • smms0714
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    In my office the bathroom is by the backstairs, so I make myself go downstairs and back up each trip to the bathroom. Helps me get steps in for the day. :)
  • funjen1972
    funjen1972 Posts: 949 Member
    I get up and walk a few times a day and take the most inefficient route to the restroom and copier. I also walk during lunch most days.
  • JohnBarth
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    Both of these suggestions are excellent! At my old company, I made a rule I couldn't use the restroom on my floor. My new office is all on one floor, but there's a circuitous route to get to the furthest bathroom that I often take.
  • Cutemesoon
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    How about going into the bathroom every so often & doing a few jumping jacks? Hopefully, no one will walk in while you're doing it & look at you strangely. :D
  • doubleplay_643
    doubleplay_643 Posts: 152 Member
    If you are a desk jockey like myself, add me so we can share ideas on how to stay fit while sitting at a desk all day. Today I shut my door every hour and do a 2 minute plank. My abs are starting to feel it!
  • DWBalboa
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    I have calendar reminders on Outlook to remind me to get up and walk. I also make it a point to take my "Smoke Breaks" in the facility gym. I try and do two smoke breaks, either 15 minutes on the elliptical or a little lifting or hitting the bag or light calisthenics.
    I know not everyone is lucky enough to have an onsite gym (not that ours is all that) but you can take brisk walks and you can also exercise using your desk and chair.
    Hope that helped.

  • sheloves89
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    Cutemesoon wrote: »
    How about going into the bathroom every so often & doing a few jumping jacks? Hopefully, no one will walk in while you're doing it & look at you strangely. :D

    I do this, too. =] Jumping jacks, squats, and some basic ankle/calf/hammie stretches. I'm terrified of DVT so I try to keep the blood moving in my legs, haha.

    I try to get up at least every hour, and when the weather is nice I'll take a stroll around the grounds at lunch time.
  • doubleplay_643
    doubleplay_643 Posts: 152 Member
    I have my deskercise daily challenge ready to go. PLAY BALL !!

    *25 pushups and 25 squats every hour before I leave for the day.
    *20 flights of stairs on my lunch break.

    What is your challenge for the day?

    Looking for more desk jockeys to join my quest. Feel free to add me!
  • doubleplay_643
    doubleplay_643 Posts: 152 Member
    Starting my Deskercise challenges again. Who's in? To all you fellow desk jockeys, let's be friends. Send me a request!
  • cgrout78
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    Office person here as well, if my Fitbit didnt remind me, I'd never get up. Anyone feel free to add me!
  • SpinforCals
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    Great tips to keep moving at the office
  • qudoos
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    Hello peps back at Myfitpal! Looking for motivated people to join their journey and start mine again! Add away!

  • YellowD0gs
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    Instead of sitting at your desk all day, get a desk riser and stand at your desk all day.
  • jessstere
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    I go to the washroom and do some squats and counter top push ups. I am drinking so much water now its about every couple of hours at the least. I have also started trying to get some sort of exercise before work and after. Minimum of 10 minutes in the morning. I feel like it is making all the difference.
  • doubleplay_643
    doubleplay_643 Posts: 152 Member
    My Deskercise goal today is:

    25 x 4 Pushups
    25 x 4 Squats
    5 x 1 Minute Planks

    What's everyone else's goals for today?
  • Back_4_more
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    I tore my Achilles tendon during the Christmas break. I've been in a cast ever since and can only get around w/ a knee scooter. Most of the time I'm on the recliner w/ my leg elevated. I lost 12lbs since.
  • weatherking2019
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    Good for you guys!
    I am stuck at the desk too- I have a Deskcycle under my desk that I use occasionally and I walk/run during lunch when it's warm outside. But otherwise not much as I'm in a cubicle and have no privacy!
    Most I do is stretch. I look forward to gym after work.
  • neugebauer52
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    Try to stand up whilst working at your computer. Or get yourself a Swiss ball to sit on. Every calorie burned counts.
  • doubleplay_643
    doubleplay_643 Posts: 152 Member
    Good morning all my fit and healthy friends! My goals for today is:

    20 flights of stairs
    5 x 1 minute Planks

    Gym on the way home from work

    What are your todaya goals?