Air Fryers



  • kappyd
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    I have a crisp lid air frier that fits on top of my instant pot. I am single so I like to use it instead of the oven.
  • WinoGelato
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    I got one for Christmas and was initially skeptical about another largish small appliance - I have a toaster oven, an instant pot and several crockpots! But I have to say I love it.

    During football season we used it to heat up lots of frozen apps like pretzel bites, mozzarella sticks, mini pizzas... so it was great for those things. I’ve also used it for chicken wings and drumsticks and loved the texture. I’ve made roasted potatoes, carrots, asparagus and green beans in it for dinners and those were great also. Same with biscuits and crescent rolls. But my favorite was salmon!

    I have the basket kind, a Power XL 7 qt one. I’ve used it more than any of my other appliances since I got it.
  • breanamock
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    I made chicken parm in mine. No oil required. Also sliced some beef up thin, tossed it in corn starch, and threw in the air dryer before putting it in a taco or asian dish. That was very tasty. I tried fried okra, but I think next time I'll give it a spritz of cooking spray before putting it in the air dryer.
  • thatsmejb
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    angel7472 wrote: »
    My husband and I researched extensively on an air fryer. We ended up buying the Breville smart oven. We have an actual fryer with the oil and everything but I wanted something healthier. So far our teenage daughters love it too. They have appetizer night and have made everything in it. Pizza comes out great. We made potato wedges that were nice and crispy. It has convection then super convection.

    This is what I was kinda thinking would be nice, my kids could use it as well!!
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    I have one ....I also have airfryer cook books..... I love mine... :)
  • vaman
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    I have one ....I also have airfryer cook books..... I love mine... :)

    Any specific airfryer cook books that you like and would recommend?
  • Sakura_Tree
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    I usually make chicken wings in mine, I buy fresh chicken wings and coat them in a bit of corn starch and salt, cook them up in the Air fryer and then toss them in sauce before eating, they actually get quite crispy. I've also cooked steak from frozen which tasted ok and good if your in a crunch for time or forget to thaw your steak out. I haven't really done much else in my air fryer yet, i think i'm gonna try making meatballs next!
  • WombatHat42
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    I use it quite often. works great with any kind of potato(not sure about mashed ;) ) or anything that is typically deep fried. ive not used it for raw meat but it has a setting for it
  • DaisyBlue222
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    I have a little Dash brand one. Works well for one. I have cooked breaded fish, breaded chicken, fries/tater tots, egg rolls and my favorite is baked potatoes in it (rub with some olive oil and sea salt) a restaurants potato.
  • bethe
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    I recently got a Ninja Grill/air fryer (different from the Foodi/pressure cooker). I love it. It's fast and easy to use. I'm currently restructuring my eating habits re: weight loss/better health, and this thing is really going to help.
  • Siberian2590
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    I love my air fryer. Makes great barbequed chicken with much reduced fat. Also great air fries, sweet potato fries, roasted cauliflower, and onion rings.

    Super for reheating pizza when your SO insists on bringing it home.
  • TheDevastator
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    I bought a Cosori because it's highly rated on Amazon. I had my first fried steak and it was perfect. 25 minutes from frozen to perfect.
  • kcmcbee
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    I have the Instant Pot Air fryer lid. Did thick and (also thin potato chips another night) and both turned out very good. Sorry no pics. Lightly sprayed with canola oil. Stopped during cooking and tossed around with a wooden spoon a few times. Thick sliced about an 1/8” from 5 medium sized potatoes made about 5 oz when cooked to crispy.