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alisonwoodrow12alisonwoodrow12 Member Posts: 29 Member Member Posts: 29 Member
My weight has plateaued. I’m bored with what I’m eating. I have about 5 kg to go before I reach my goal. Any advice to kick start my weight loss ?


  • anubis609anubis609 Member Posts: 4,013 Member Member Posts: 4,013 Member
    What are you considering as a "plateau?" How long has your weight not budged in either direction? What are you eating? How long have you been dieting?

    The only solid advice given the little information is to remain consistent and patient. If you have retained the same number of calories within your initial calculated deficit, then you may need to reassess your deficit, or if you have been in a prolonged deficit, you may need to go on a diet break at maintenance, then go back to a deficit if you need to.
  • LietchiLietchi Member Posts: 1,278 Member Member Posts: 1,278 Member
    If you're bored with what you're eating, you're not eating the right things.
    You should be eating the way you can imagine yourself eating for the rest of your life, just less calories until you've reached your goal and can transition to maintenance.
    If you restrict what foods you're allowed to eat to lose weight, and go back to how you used to eat before after reaching your goal, you'll most likely gain back the lost weight.

    When you mention being bored with what you're eating, right after saying you've reached a plateau, is there a link? Do you mean you exceed your calorie goal because you give into temptation eating foods you like better?
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  • earlnabbyearlnabby Member Posts: 8,056 Member Member Posts: 8,056 Member
    How long has it been since you lost any weight or inches? A plateau is 4 or more weeks with no change.

    First step: figure out if it is really a plateau. Tighten up your logging to make sure you are weighing ALL solids and semi solids and measuring liquids. It is so common for portions to creep up a bit which can wipe out a deficit. Also. as @anubis609 mentioned, if you haven't recalculated your calorie goal for your current weight your calorie target might be too high. Plug in your current stats and see what targets you are given.

    If it is really a plateau, the best thing is patience and persistence. They do break.
  • vegasgirl0825vegasgirl0825 Member Posts: 43 Member Member Posts: 43 Member
    When I feel like my weight loss has slowed, I go back to my food diary and "redo" a week in which I had good weight loss. It usually helps to kick start things again, plus helps me remember some foods/recipes I enjoy and maybe aren't choosing currently.
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