Give me a quick beginner home workout for couples with NO equipment?!

If you had to come up with maybe a 20 minute workout for a couple couch potatoes to do at home in the bedroom with no equipment what would you list?

(please remember I am 312lbs and haven't worked out since 1999 - no burpees or mountain climbers or things where I have to support my weight)

This was my idea:

Jumping jacks (30)
Squats (10)
Wall pushup (20)
Stair walk (up and down our stairs - 3 times)
Bicep curls (resistance band) (10 per arm)
Crunches (20)
Leg flutters / Bicycle rows (20)
Plank (10 seconds)


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    You Are Your Own Gym or Convict Conditioning are popular body weight workouts. I would use a proven program, rather than trying to make something up yourself. You can always modify whatever exercises you can't do, until you can do them.

    Both of those programs are listed in this thread.
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    Do as many rounds of get back up circuits as you can in the 20 minutes. If you need to use a footstool to brace on but try to avoid. Fantastic, functional total body exercise. Good luck

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    I'm a huge fan of Darebee. It is FREE and has programs (30 days with a workout plan for each day) for different levels that gradually get more difficult as you build up strength. Baseline or Foundation Light work for people who have virtually no fitness to start with (I know, I'm there). And when your fitness improves, some of the higher programs have RPG or storyline elements built in.

    The huge advantage to this is it rotates through different body parts so you don't work something too hard two days in a row and it varies your workout, so you're less likely to get bored. One day of a program takes me about 10-20 minutes (depending on which level I'm working to).

    Also if you want to, you can add challenges to improve a specific area (I just started doing this).
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    I do "Walk away the pounds" 3 times a week at my gym

    I also do it at home at least twice a week, several workouts are free on YouTube.

    It requires no gym equipment and no floor exercises (which can be difficult if your older or significantly over weight)
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    when its too cold out but I feel I need a workout (my home gym is in my unheated garage, and I live in Montana, so if its below 10 degrees, its a no for me) I do stairs.

    Down stairs
    10-20 jumping jacks
    Up stairs 5-10 squats
    Down stairs
    Jumping jacks
    up stairs

    continue 15-20 minutes

    and you can mix up what you do between stairs, abs, arms, shoulders, whatever
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    Depends on what you're trying to achieve, what you are capable of doing and what you enjoy.

    If you're looking to build strength then a home calisthenic routine might be what you're looking for. If it's fitness and cardio then there are other options ranging from 'going for a walk' all the way to rigorous home circuits.

    But equally important as having a goal in mind is picking something you enjoy. An optimised program is worthless if you hate it, avoid doing it and eventually stop. You're far better off finding an activity that you enjoy doing together even if it's not "the best greatest" as you'll do it, often and long term.
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    I love and I am currently doing Fitness Blender Low Impact. I love their workouts.
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    Depends on age and current physical shape.

    I would avoid joint jarring activities while at an elevated weight unless I was in good enough shape and had the strength to ensure that there would be no joint damage/excess pressure on the joints.

    The best exercise / activity is the one you do. Beyond that, a well thought out program will yield more results than random.

    I was happy enough with random walking, consistently implemented, when I started losing weight.
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    hmmm ... a physical activity for a couple to do at home in the bedroom with no equipment ... I feel like there's something obvious we're all overlooking.

    BJJ. Bedroom Jiu Jitsu ;)
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    Go for a walk, run, bike ride, kayaking anything that gets you moving and outside. Your list is a great way to start as well if mother nature has other plans. The real key is just get moving and keep your heart rate up. It is always easier to stay focused when you have a partner to enjoy it with. Best of luck to both of you!
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    hmmm ... a physical activity for a couple to do at home in the bedroom with no equipment ... I feel like there's something obvious we're all overlooking.

    Maybe the 'no equipment' is part of the problem. ;)
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    I highly recommend You can go on YouTube and type in fitness blender low impact 30 min no equipment workout and do YouTube videos off of your phone. Fitnessblender is where I started. They also have a website where you can create a calendar with the YouTube videos and you can filter through the workouts. When you filter through their workouts you can click beginner, no equipment, low impact, up to 30 minutes, etc and you will have a list of YouTube videos safe for you.
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    Another fitness blender fan here
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    I weigh 290lbs and at the moment I’m simply putting my favourite music on Alexa and marching on the spot for an hour. This gets me 6000 steps on my fitbit.

    This is strenuous enough and my size - I want to do more but I’m taking building it up slowly.