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Trying once again to get in ONE-DERLAND

MrsKila Posts: 320 Member
3 lbs down. 16 more to go for onederland. Yes, Ive been here before. Not focusing on the past😊Just the future. I'll be posting my result👌🏿Thanks for the support ‼


  • serindipte
    serindipte Posts: 1,557 Member
    Me too! Third time's the charm, right?
  • dionne1031
    dionne1031 Posts: 1 Member
    Same here I just joined this site yesterday.
  • Spacey9191
    Spacey9191 Posts: 1 Member
    Me too and I'm so close! I've been struggling with keeping routine. Trying to hold myself more accountable by being more active on here. lol
  • ladyzherra
    ladyzherra Posts: 438 Member
    You can do it! Onederland, here you come!
  • LunaLove2013
    LunaLove2013 Posts: 16 Member
    I'm going for my second onederland!
  • helmstwina
    helmstwina Posts: 2 Member
    Hope these posts are encouraging, you are not alone in this battle!
    Since I have gotten older the weight is at a snails pace (went to gym 4 times last week-hour each time and lost .4 , Got 20.6 to hit onederland.
    We can all do it.
  • HeathieM
    HeathieM Posts: 173 Member
    Right there with you! We got this!
  • estherpotter1
    estherpotter1 Posts: 141 Member
    and me.
  • angelexperiment
    angelexperiment Posts: 1,917 Member
    About 17 lbs from it but I look forward to it when it happens
  • SmallMimi
    SmallMimi Posts: 541 Member
    Second attempt again also, I made the mistake of finding the pounds I lost in 2012. Trying to get back to the me I was in my profile picture. Was so proud of the fact that I had a defined waistline for the first time in years.
  • Cant_think_of_a_username
    I know I'm going to sound dim here (nothing unusual there I hear you say)... but what is onederland?
  • beviep
    beviep Posts: 8 Member
    Onederland is under 200 lbs. I am 10 lbs away myself. I will get there and looking so forward to.
  • Cant_think_of_a_username
    beviep wrote: »
    Onederland is under 200 lbs. I am 10 lbs away myself. I will get there and looking so forward to.

    Aaahhh makes sense (slaps forehead!) thank you. I'm sure you'll crush your goal in no time :)
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