What is the most disturbing thing that society accepts as a normal behaviour?



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    nooshi713 wrote: »
    Patients being allowed to physically abuse nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers with no repercussions.

    I found my fellow nurse/health care worker!

    Me too!
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    Children disrespecting parents.
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    ythannah wrote: »
    nooshi713 wrote: »

    Fake body parts

    Hopefully you mean cosmetic enhancements and not prosthetic limbs for amputees

    I'm going to have fake boobs soon, my real ones are trying to kill me. I'm sure some people who don't know I have cancer will judge. Perfect example of how people will judge without really knowing a persons story.

    i for one will be ready to ogle! :)<3o:)
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    jm_1234 wrote: »
    Sexism, objectification, and double standards... against men

    (examples, see Joe Rogan's Strange Times stand-up on Netflix)

    I think we already have enough advantages...

    And I think I speak for most guy when I say "Objectify me Baby 😏" ... 😂
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    Wearing sandals with socks in the summer, or wearing sandals with no socks in the winter. Like what are you thinking
  • wwwtheselion11
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    Dead beat dads or Spiteful babymoms putting their ex on child support just cuz she can’t have him...I really don’t know which one is worst

    There are all so dead beat moms. I know a couple.
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    How is anal sex normal behavior? Im lost on how you even thought of writing that. No sexual behavior are normal. Laughing out loud

    I never understood the logic of people finding *kitten* sexually attractive... like 💩stools come out of there. Is it normal that people are ok with sticking their thing where *kitten* comes out of? IDK🤮🙂
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    The way female teenagers dress in the skimpiest cheerleader outfits in which is issued by their educators and then performing sexualized routines to the entire community during games. I’m not trying to sound prudish but people make a big deal about the sexualization of children yet it’s okay in situations as such which is an obvious excuse for males of all ages to gawk over teenage girls.

    And those same cheerleaders will get a dress code violation showing up for class if their shoulders aren't covered or their shorts aren't fingertip length.
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    jm_1234 wrote: »
    Mr Healthy... I appreciate the response, my experiences do cause me to get a little riled up about this topic. And I agree there is a good amount of males fighting to keep the status quo. Let's hope the scales are never balanced in terms of abuse, unless it is at zero for everyone.

    Peace to you my friend, I wish you the best... ✌🏼