Thai Chicken Curry-Green, Red or Yellow?

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I am hankering to make some chicken curry in my crock pot this weekend. I've found a couple recipes on line that look pretty good, but I'm not sure which curry I should get. I typically like my food spicier than the average person, but I also don't want to make a whole pot of something that is beyond my capabilities. I like food to be spicy enough that I am sweating slightly and need a glass of water handy. I don't like crying because something is so hot and not really getting the flavor because of it. I was leaning toward Red...but do most restaurants use yellow? Perhaps I should stick to that my first time around? Any thoughts or experiences? Thanks!


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    I'm not an expert at all on curry's, but I prefer yellow. I also think onions are spicy, so probably not the best judge of the best curry. I hope it turns out delicious.
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    I'll second what @just_Tomek said on the green curry to go with chicken and will add that if you get a curry brand with an American sounding brand (Roland) it will probably be rather less spicy than something that comes in a can that's covered in text that is mostly not aimed at an Englis speaking audience (MaiSri).
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    I vote for green too. And to add to list from @just_Tomek

    For red meat? Rendang or massaman.
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    Cool, thanks for the suggestions!