Went off program and gained 19 pounds

As if yesterday January 3 I’ve been back to logging my intake and staying within a healthy calorie count. I gained back 19 pounds of 90 pounds I lost since falling off the wagon in the beginning of October. I’m back and already am down by 2 .5 pounds in one day. The important thing is I get back to where I left off 3 months ago and not keep gaining it back.


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    10 lbs. for me, but same (even the timeline). It's hard to lose ground, but you (we) can do this!
  • MySlimGoals
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    You can do this if you are persistent. That's 90% of the battle.
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    I know what you mean!!! I took a small break right after Thanksgiving (honestly there was just TOO much stuff going on in my life!!!) and now everything I lost before then is right back on. But I'm holding myself accountable and getting right back to it. I know that losing weight (not just water weight) is going to be a slow journey and it's going to take consistency! If I can do this, you can too!
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    Same here! Lost 60, then gained back 10, mostly from snacking on junk and not logging EVERYTHING, and not exercising. I'm back on the program, strictly logging and exercising, and have lost 3.5 pounds. Sometimes I get tired of all the logging, but if doing that is how to keep the weight off for good, it's a small price to pay. Feeling the best ever is worth the effort!
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    You're all making me feel better (i.e., that I'm not alone), so thank you!

    Last September I managed (with difficulty) to get to a certain weight. Stress-eating and feeling overwhelmed, followed by the holidays, etc., and I'm up 15 pounds. I keep trying to get back on track, but I'm really struggling.
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    noelkro80 wrote: »
    I totally get what you’re all saying. In 2015 I went from 306lbs down to 189lbs in 10 months of strict diet & exercise. Fast forward 5 years & I went back up to 318lbs! I’m currently down to 303lbs since starting back on it on the 3rd February & I’m more than determined to maintain properly & not end up back here again!

    I'm with you! It's so easy to get off track even when you've lost a significant amount of weight.

    I'm determined to get back on track starting right now. We can do this!
  • I started MFP the first time in 2013. I lost a great amount but then stopped using the site. Back in August last year I decided I needed to know what the damage was and discovered I had gained over 140lbs. Since then I have lost 78lbs by tracking and being consistent. It's worth it and can be done, we just need to get our heads in the game. Good luck to you and feel free to add me for support.
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    I lost 46lbs and then fell off the wagon last year. I did well maintaining for a while because I was active, but had a string of illnesses and injuries which slowed me way down, and since I was eating like a *kitten*, it all led to me gaining back 20 lbs. So, like you, I'm back at it and losing the weight again. Good luck! If we're consistent, we know we can get back to where we were.
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    At least you're starting 70 pounds down instead of 90! A lot of us, including me, gained everything back before we could push ourselves to start again. Think of it like a huge head start. (:
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    That's why we're here, to support each other as we struggle (again). We can do this. One step, one day, even one meal at a time. Give yourself a pat on the back, you're trying 😥
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    I am currently trying to keep myself motivated and tracking everything but I keep cheating myself. I’m going through so much mental and emotional issues I can’t find a stay on track no where. But the good thing with what you said is that you are not going to gain it back and you’re back on track. What did you do to remain consistent?
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    If a team would help you out, please consider the Fat2Fit Challenge. It is an ongoing group. You get assigned to a team, and everyone supports each other through the ups, downs, and in-betweens. This group has been running since 2016 and many people stick with it even once they hit maintenance. The support, energy, and fun challenges are great. Having to check in with a group all trying for the same thing helps enormously.

    If you'd like to give it a try, come over to the registration page for March 2020. There is a good description there of how it works, and you can check out some of the team chat threads, etc. If you like what you see, just post a message in the registration thread and I'll assign you to a team. You'll be good to go!

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    I've decided that it's a myth that anyone can get to goal weight and then just relax, realistically people who maintain their weightloss (this I what I struggle with) have strategies in place to help that and haven't been miraculously cured of the desire to overeat, they just don't broadcast it as much as people losing, because its now a habit. So my aim this time, aside from getting rid of the 10kg I gained back over winter, is to work out how much effort I need to put into maintaining. How often I need to weigh myself to catch any gain sooner (daily, weekly, monthly?) How much exercise do I need to do as a minimum, what alternatives are there if I can't do that, how can I manage the unexpected bits and not be completely blown off course? I looked at how much I gained last year and realised it loosely worked out as an extra 320 cals a day, which is pretty much if I just decided that I could eat a muffin everyday and not move more or eat less elsewhere to compensate. So I obviously can't and need to work out how many days I can eat a muffin if I want one, or recognise that if I don't run this week (time, heat) what do I need to cut out my diet to balence.