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Ladies only, do you have a sports bra that you really like?
(I am not the least interested in any inappropriate comments from guys, so please refrain).
I like what I have but it is ready to shred apart and I haven't been able to find another one that is comfortable for me.
The main problem is a wide elastic band on the bottom that hurts my back- disc issues and surgery.
I've found ones that have a more narrow, comfortable elastic band but don't have enough padding in the cup area to be discreet (I’m a smaller cup) and overall support.
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  • jeagogo
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    Here are my two two comfy faves. For reference I'm a 34DD with pretty compressible breasts so bras made for "up to C cup" usually work find for me.

    My favorite is the Nike swoosh bra (the one with no padding where the inside of the elastic area is soft as opposed to the elastic being encased). I think I own 3 of these right now. The band is about 7/8" but doesn't fit too tight and the soft material of the elastic is nice and absorbent. It's a medium support bra, and I find it works well for all my workouts. Even though it doesn't have cups I've never had issues with nip-related modesty in these bras. Recently they started making a version with removable pads, though, so that is an option.

    Another favorite for strength training and yoga is the Under Armour Seamless Essentials bra. It's seamless, so there's no elastic around the band at all. It's so comfortable that I often wear it as an everyday bra. It's not quite enough support for activities where I know I'll be jumping around a lot, but anything else is good. It has removable cups for modesty - without the cups in this bra is a bit prone to showing of the nips.
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    @geagogo thanks :blush:
  • curwhibbles
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    Target has good options. They are not all the same but the medium support do they trick for me, in between B/C cup.
  • SnifterPug
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    I've had some decent ones from Triumph (34DD) which are soft-ish but a fairly solid construction if you know what I mean. My favourites are the soft Shock Absorbers that just look like an ordinary bra and have a narrow under bust elastic, but that's not what you want.
  • kperk91
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    I just ordered a high-performance sports bra from Fabletics. It comes in Thursday - so I can't say much about it now except that it had amazing reviews....
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    Old Navy powersoft and the medium support strappy are pretty comfortable.
  • H_Ock12
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    I second the Nike Swoosh bra. Its honestly the only no padding and no cup bra that I like and I own four. I'm comfortable wearing it alone or under my workout shirts. It's the only bra I've raced in for three years now. I'm a B cup with a wide torso and the band is comfortable...tight enough, but not constricting my ribs like many have.

    Brooks also makes some nice padded bras that hold their shape and can be worn under normal clorhing if you're looking to go from work to gym without a bra change.
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    i use high impact c9 and just found brook juno which is being discontinued so if you can get to a local running store, there is a good chance they might be on clearance. (they run small)
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    I am very large with huge boobs, so it was such a pain to find a sports bra that actually helped support during exercise. I ended up with an Enell sports bra, and I love it so much that I wear it every day, not just for sports. It's so comfortable, I didn't even know bras COULD be comfortable.

    The two big downsides are the price (Enell bras are bloody expensive, I get mine through boobydoo in the UK), and they're not particularly attractive. Actually, they're really ugly, but I don't even care because of how much they've changed my life.
  • danae16
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    I'm a C cup and I bought some from old navy. They don't have a cup lining, but they have two layers which make them more discreet. There are some that are like a criss-cross back one that I purchased and really liked and I just bought another.
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    I'm picky about fabric and do not need a lot of support and am very happy with where I can get 100% cotton. They have lots of options available for people who need more support.

    I use these for every day bras and wear the light-weight eyelet in the summer and full cotton the rest of the year. I get the racer-back and love that I'm not fussing with straps anymore.