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Hi i have an air fryer and always looking for interesting healthy and easy recipes. We love making our 'roasted' veggies in it as well as most everything else. Open to swap recipes and ideas with anyone interested!


  • acpgee
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    I love it for getting rid of subcutaneous fat for skin on fish, chicken thighs, duck breast.
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    I love to cook chicken wings and sausages in my air fryer and of course fries!
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    Mine's still in a box from Prime, I *need* to get it out and play! :blush:
    Looking forward to ideas... Thanks for creating the thread @monirenay

    What veggies have you tried roasting and how long do they take? Oil is optional for most everything right?
  • acpgee
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    For veggies, you can use this as a guide. Start checking about three quarters into the recommend oven time to compensate for better air circulation in the air fryer. I would use a light coat of olive oil on veggies. I don't need oil with fattier meats such as chicken wings.
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    I buy turkey cheddar wursts and cook them in the air fryer.
  • aries68mc
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    I do chicken and salmon in mine a lot.
  • acpgee
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    I have a small model (Phillips Viva) but I can produce a roast dinner with potatoes for four in it.

    Put in a one pound joint of roast beef or a half leg of lamb in the air fryer. Top with potatoes chunks that have been par boiled for 2-5 minutes and shaken with fat (goose fat is great but butter or olive oil are fine) to roughen up the surface for extra crispy potatoes in the drained pan. Air fry on 200C for about 40 minutes giving everything a turn half way through cooking. You will get the most accurate results with respect to done-ness if you use an instant read meat thermometer. I use this site as a guide for internal temperatures.

    If you want to roast vegetables as well, I toss some thinly sliced carrots or parsnips in a little olive oil and fit them under the air fryer basket. There is almost an inch of clearance in my model. While the meat and potatoes are cooking you can do a very easy onion gravy.

    Rest the roast for 5 minutes before carving so that temperature and juices become evenly distributed throughout the joint. In the meantime you can sautee some spinach with a scant amount of butter.

    A pretty easy way to produce a roast dinner for four with all the trimmings in 45 minutes.
  • TheDevastator
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    I make ribeyes, strip steaks, and ribs in my air fryer. Meat is the only ingredient.
  • summery79
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    I'm kind of obsessed with my air fryer right now. Does your fryer have a spit? If so, you can do a whole rotisserie chicken!

    If you don't have a spit, here's a recipe for calamari that cooks on the racks

    I am always looking for new recipes too. It does a really good job with steaks, chicken wings, baked fries
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    I make ribeyes, strip steaks, and ribs in my air fryer. Meat is the only ingredient.

    Husband had had some lingering jaw/tooth pain so we haven’t been eating “chewy”!foods but when he’s better I’m excited for steaks in the Air Fryer, any tips?
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    I cooked a ribeye steak from frozen to see if it would come out ok. 15 min on 400 F and it came out perfect med rare and the fat caramelization was so good!
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    We love ours!! Our favorite things to do in our air fryer are salmon, chicken wings, chicken thighs, sausages and roasted veggies. It also perfectly reheats pizza. We actually like pizza reheated in the air fryer better than when you get it freshly made. We will sometimes bring home a pizza, let it sit on the counter to cool off and then reheat it in the air fryer.
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    I don’t own one but I imagine this would be cool for doing up some interesting veggies like kale chips, radish chips, broccoli bites
  • TheDevastator
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    For a 1 lb frozen steak I recommend 15 minutes at 400 as well. 5 min preheat, 10 minutes on one side, and 5 minutes on the other.
  • summery79
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    For a 2 lb frozen London broil that was ~1.5" thick my air fryer took about 30 minutes at 400

    I'm doing Buffalo wings in the air fryer tonight :smiley:
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    I’m doing a turkey breast in ours for dinner tomorrow.
  • BelleRequin
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    I love how quick it is to cook stuffed chicken breast.

    Separate tip- if you’re breading something to go in it, mix mayo with your egg wash. Improves the crunch factor significantly.
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    My favorite air fryer meal, great over brown rice!