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Hello to all! I started using this app today hoping it will aid in my weight loss and healthier life styles journey that I’m on.


  • xxjjttff
    xxjjttff Posts: 5 Member
    Hi Cassie. I started about a week ago and it's really helping me to be alert to what I eat. I've started the keto diet, but I'm not in ketosis yet. I've been cooking some great soups (broccoli cheddar, creamed mushroom, cauliflower with sausage and chicken). It amazes me to eat all that fat and be losing weight. I lost 5 pounds this week. What lifestyle are you focused on?
  • ThicknSpicey257
    ThicknSpicey257 Posts: 1 Member
    I started last year and did well with eating and exercise. I've been stalled somewhat since January. See I started working again and I have a swing shift and working out hasnt happened due to the hours. So last weekend I reread a few things and I realized a few things I was doing wrong. So let's see what the new knowledge will bring me.
  • Cassie9395
    Cassie9395 Posts: 7 Member
    Xxjjttff sorry I am just now replying I just realized you left me a message. I’m trying a low carb diet. Just starting over today.
  • BuffaloChixSalad
    BuffaloChixSalad Posts: 98 Member
    Been here for years, off and on. Add me. On daily