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tayachri Posts: 5 Member
I have had hashimoto’s for a year now and have gained weight. I feel it’s harder to lose weight since I learned I had this. I know this sounds silly but I’m scared to start MyFitnessPal again in fear I won’t lose. It worked in the past but since being diagnosed I feel nothing has. Thoughts??


  • wifeoferp
    wifeoferp Posts: 86 Member
    Not hashimotos but I did have thyroid cancer and had my thyroid removed. After that I got pretty depressed and gained 30 pounds. I blamed it all on my thyroid issues but in the end I finally lost the weight when I realized that I needed to stop making excuses. When it came down to it my eating was what caused my weight gain. Yes it was definitely easier to pack on the pounds due to medication issues but at the end of the day my weight was from my eating. And I realized that I wanted to feel good again! That would only happen when I took control of my eating lifestyle. I now count macros and make sure to eat plenty of vegetables and drink plenty of water. The weight has come off slowly by design and I am feeling much better. Remember that figuring out a new way of eating for life is difficult, but so is being overweight! You can do this!! {{hugs}}
  • rabblescum
    rabblescum Posts: 78 Member
    edited March 2020
    You have nothing to fear from being on here with hashimoto's, other than finding your thyroid is only part of the problem. I struggle with my weight and my thyroid levels. BUT when I am strictly logging on here and being accountable it is so much better than when I am not. Logging food and activity will not speed up metabolism, but it does make it easier to stay in the lower caloric category necessary to not gain weight. It won't help with chronic fatigue, but will be a reminder why need to move more. It is discouraging that Thyroid issues slow down losing weight, but is better than gaining weight which seems to happens when I am not being accountable. Best of luck finding what helps.
  • kellytwins386
    kellytwins386 Posts: 2 Member
    I have Hashimotos. Was diagnosed 2 years ago after a 30 pound weight gain and sleeping 15-18 hours a day (plus an assortment of other symptoms). Since getting on the correct dose and combination of meds I’ve finally overcome the fatigue problem. Hopefully, with more energy and tracking my diet, I’ll be able to get the weight back off. I do find that holding myself accountable for everything I put into my body is helping me slowly take the weight off. My endocrinologist said it will be slower to take the weight off but it will happen.
    Stick with it and good luck!!