What I noticed after a "cheat meal"

My daughter wanted Burger King today, so away we went.

I eat fairly clean. Not much red meat. Mostly chicken, fish, and ground turkey. Vegetables and fruits and only water. I cut out pop completely.

I know you can make healthy choices at FF places but I went all in. I ate a chicken bacon and cheese sandwich with onion rings and a large coke.

1. I felt uncomfortably full after eating. I eat decent sized meals, just not ones so high in sodium and calories like this one.

2. I normally use the restroom several times a day, but have only had the urge to go once since lunch. It's now 12 a.m. (number 1 btw) I've had plenty of water since that meal.

3. Since changing my eating habits I rarely get tired mid-day, and I'm asleep most nights by 10. I was so tired this afternoon, but now I'm wide awake.

4. I've had no desire to eat since lunch.

5. I can honestly say I can't wait to get back to a normal day of eating tomorrow.

I won't say it wasn't worth it. You shouldn't sacrifice time or occasions with loved ones over 1 meal, or 1 dessert. I just wanted to share some of what I experienced afterwards. I'm fairly new to eating healthy, but I never realized how much one fast food meal can change your whole day. I'll definitely tale what I've learned and use that in the future to maybe make some different choices.


  • Theoldguy1
    Theoldguy1 Posts: 2,289 Member
    Nice you found out a bit about your body.

    I'm guessing you won't go "all in" next time you go, will probably look at the healthier choices based on your experiences. Don't have to sacrifice an occasion with a loved one and won't feel like crap for a day afterward.
  • sammidelvecchio
    sammidelvecchio Posts: 791 Member
    I'm the same way, but its mostly the high sodium that gets to me. I LOVE take out chinese, but feel so yucky after I eat it. Worth it a few times a year, but that's it.