Did your breasts lift back up after weight gain & loss?

I gained some weight and my breasts got bigger and started to hang lower, so I can now feel them underneath my chest which I didn’t before, really uncomfortable! Everyone says that breast’s sag if you gain/lose weight, but is it possible that when you gain weight, the boobs just hang lower simply because they are now heavier (and not because they gave up and sagged) - and when the extra weight is again removed through weight loss, they will sorta lift back up because they are now lighter?
What’s your experience with this?
Question directed to those who gained weight and later dropped back to their normal weight.


  • scarlett_k
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    Mine haven't lifted back up fully but because there are less of them there's significantly less of a fold over. Still, I figured I'm 33 now so it's expected that they aren't going to be as perky. I'd expect genetics concerning the elasticity of your skin as well as your age would play a big part in what yours will do!
  • swirlybee
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    My breasts only got bigger through pregnancy and nope, they're not the same as before. But, I have noticed a bit of perkiness now that I've incorporated weightlifting into my routine.
  • youngmomtaz
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    I breast fed 3 babies. The size gain in the chest was quite a bit from the extra weight I gained while pregnant but going from a 36E to a 36G overnight when my milk came in was not fun. And they stayed that way the whole year I nursed each child. I am now 12years post partum, down 50lbs with a bra size of 34DD. Mine sag. I buy good bras.
  • brittanystebbins95
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    I was rather thin, developed an eating disorder and gained almost 60lbs, and then lost it again through MFP.
    Mine aren't saggy, at least that I've noticed, but I also didn't end up with any loose skin to speak of, either. Aside from stretch marks, my body is virtually the same as it was before I gained weight in the first place.
    I think it mostly depends on genetics, skin elasticity, and some other factors.
    In agreement with what others have said, though, I would much rather deal with a bit of saginess than being overweight again. There are always super supportive bras, or even cosmetic procedures if it becomes something that bothers you.
  • yirara
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    I always had saggy breasts despite having a rather small cup size (B-ish). Losing weight didn't do much. Well.. not quite: they've always been perky when it's cold, were when I was at my heaviest and were still when going back to my low weight.
  • pence429
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    My mom has always joked that she went from a 36C to a 36 Long after children. I gained weight for years, seven children/5 pregnancies, breast fed for years and years. At my heaviest, I was a 40DD. 118lbs pounds down and counting, needing to trade in a 34B/C for a smaller band size soon. Saggy heavy, saggy thinner. I also lift weights; helps me with chest muscles but not breast tissue itself. I'm not a fan of implants, but I have been checking out the breast lifts. Not really interested in bigger, but wouldn't mind if they were put back where they used to be!
  • wmweeza
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    If you are young, maybe. I'm 47, I've lost 95 pounds and while my "girls" aren't empty hanging socks, they definitely deflated and stayed that way
  • tinkerbellang83
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    I think it depends on a number of factors - genetics, speed of loss, muscle, etc.

    I have been obese a long time but the "girls" have always been perky, I put this down to genetics, the slow/steady weight loss approach and the fact I lift weights. I lost 35 pounds a few years ago and my back size went down a few inches but cup size only went down a half cup. In terms of perkiness, still pretty perky at whatever weight I've been. Edited to add (currently a 38E)
  • DancingMoosie
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    Nope. No perkiness here. My skin is a little stretched from being heavier.
  • idabest777
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    I lost about 30 pounds and went form a 36DD to a 32DD and for me they definitely got perkier after the loss. At 36DD they were very droopy and it was something I was pretty self conscious about. They still aren't super perky, but they don't just droop straight down anymore so that was a huge benefit that I wasn't even expecting from the weight loss. I didn't do much weight lifting while I lost weight, but that was also during my mid-twenties so that might have been a factor.
  • Mustana07
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    This is interesting,my breasts always got bigger when I gained weight but never got smaller when I lost the weight...after a few pregnancies and pumping for 9 months they definitely not the same...they are humongous.....humongous.
    I’m getting a breast reduction surgery and a lift as soon as I lose a bit of weight.
  • whmscll
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    I've always had small breasts. The only upside of gaining weight is that when I was heavy I actually had cleavage. That was fun. It's gone now that I've lost the extra poundage. I'm back to being small, but not "deflated" or "un-perky." I attribute the small amount of sag to gravity and aging.