Support friends needed! Learning a healthy/active lifestyle.

Hello everyone,
This is my first time adapting to a healthy lifestyle. Its so much to take in, especially with all the information (false/not false) out there today, but I am slowly learning. I do have a set goal that I want to reach but have trouble finding the motivation most days. I did go for my first walk/job this week and I felt great after! I plan to keep focusing on being active as much as I can, which can be hard if you've never been active. I would love to have supporters on here to learn from! Add your name below.


  • Graymanstole
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    Welcome, it's always tough starting out. Motivation is not an easy thing to have, nor does it just magically appear. I run (a lot), but can promise you the vast majority of my runs end with me cursing and really pushing myself to the end. JUST DOnt quIT.

    I give this advice to everyone starting out: buy a food scale. Weigh what you eat and pay attention to portion size. You will get WAY better results by weighing your food than you will by weighing yourself. You'll have good days, you'll have (many) bad days, and all of that is fine. Just don't have a LAST day and you will succeed. This is a lifetime journey, and it is entirely about making progress, not being perfect.

    Best of luck to you