Worried about 1lb per week

I have at least 100lbs to lose and setting it to 2lb per week leaves me insanely hungry during the day and at the end of the day and I binge on sweets when it gets bad. I'm really struggling. I could use some motivation and reassurance that if I set my goal to 1lb per week I'll still be able to see results. Thank you.


  • Horsekeeper
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    I agree - go for one pound a week - there is some evidence that a slower rate of loss will keep your metabolism on a more even keel, and will make it easier to maintain the loss once you have lost weight. Good luck!
  • malibu927
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    Why not compromise with 1.5 pounds per week? You'll get more calories than 2 pounds a week and still lose faster than 1 pound a week. Then at about 50 pounds to go you can switch to a pound a week.
  • Michisoph
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    Also if you can just space your foods out throughout the day. For example, If you have a snack that is usually gobbled up in one setting, then just take bites of it to stretch it out. The burning hunger pain that you feel is the fat burning loss you want.
  • GOT_Obsessed
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    malibu927 wrote: »
    Why not compromise with 1.5 pounds per week? You'll get more calories than 2 pounds a week and still lose faster than 1 pound a week. Then at about 50 pounds to go you can switch to a pound a week.

    I like this advice!
  • sedj241
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    Try this.. if you're doing great all day and "only" mess up at the end of the night because you're hungry, then add some healthy fats to the meal you eat at the end of the day and drink more water. Sometimes that hunger is nothing more than thirst and healthy fats will keep you full.
  • kimny72
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    Maybe your body just needs a slower start. Do 1 lb per week for a month, then go up to 1.5 lbs and see how you do then. And as others have said, 1 lb per week is still progress. It's a long journey no matter what you do, no sense in making yourself miserable in the process. Hang in there, and good luck!
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    It gives you extra calories to play with and that means you will be more likely to stick to it. Sounds very wise to me :smile:

    All the best.
  • TavistockToad
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    reduce your deficit if you want. you may also want to look at your macros - eating enough fat, protein and fiber might help keep you full.
  • jessicastanfill
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    I am also trying one pound for week for the same reason!! I always fail because I’m too hungry. 1 pound per week is way better than no pounds cause I keep failing lol

    I figure once I get the hang of this I’ll slowly step it up - maybe 100 calories less at a time..... 52 pounds a year is an exciting prospect and if it means I’m happy in the process - all the better!!
  • estherdragonbat
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    I went with 1lb a week for the same reason in similar circumstances. Least painful weight-loss plan I've ever done.
  • brittanystebbins95
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    I, too, am a nightly snacker. I had to figure out how to save calories for the evening, so that I could munch a little.
    I don't know if it would work for you, but maybe try consuming less calories in the earlier parts of the day and save some for snacking? Or walking or exercising more. Move more= eat more.
    Otherwise, I wholeheartedly agree with what others have said. 1 lb per week is better than 0 lbs per week.
    And perhaps your body needs to just get adjusted to it. Our stomachs get stretched out when they're used to overeating, and it can take awhile for them to shrink down to normal size.

    "However, if after a large meal, your next meal is a large meal and you continue this on a regular basis you risk permanently stretching your stomach. The danger is not in the size of your stomach. The danger is that you will skew the triggers for hunger and fullness. This will lead to a continued cycle of overeating, which will then lead to weight gain."

    After 1 lb per week for a little while, see if you can handle the 2 lb per week deficit. If not, no big deal, just go back to 1 lb per week :)
  • thenewkayla
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    I go with 1lb a week it sets my calories at 1670 instead of 1200. I fail at anything less then a 1lb and sometimes I still lose more.
  • nutmegoreo
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    I wonder how far OP got with this approach in the last 2 years.
  • brittanystebbins95
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    nutmegoreo wrote: »
    I wonder how far OP got with this approach in the last 2 years.

    Did NOT even realize! it showed up under recent discussions :D
  • bmeadows380
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    have you tried delaying your morning meal? I'm an evening eater, too, and that's when my willpower is the lowest. Delaying breakfast other than coffee has really helped me get a handle on the evening snacking because I'm pushing lunch a little later as well. I've also found that if I eat something small, such as a piece of toast with 1/4 serving of peanut butter on it, which is under 100 calories since I use low calorie bread, I can often skip eating something later in the morning and make it all the way to lunch, banking those calories for evening. At any rate, I plan for a very low calorie breakfast (such as 1 packet of instant grits or oatmeal, 1 egg with 1 slice of toast, etc), and a smaller calorie lunch (such as a bag of frozen veggies which is often less than 200 calories for the entire bag and perhaps a greek yogurt for mid-afternoon snack); this gives me the most calories for dinner which I need for satisfying my brain and getting it to agree to stick to goal for the day.
  • PAV8888
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    Well, if the OP went to 1lb, two years later he would be at 104lbs lost! I don't know how he made out!

    Unfortunately it looks like he got derailed with the holidays in late 2019 and it doesn't look as if he has managed to turn things around and log in a consistent manner since then.