Who doesn't need a buddy?

Hi, I am looking for like minded ladies that are working to better themselves mentally and physically. I did Myfitnesspal, a couple of years ago and it was my best success mentally and life happened and I went off this social media platform due to a lapse in my recovery of 20 years. I have been working to get myself in a good place mentally more than anything. I am in ED recovery bulimia and am looking for people who are working toward wellness in a healthy way that promotes body acceptance and health. Friend me!


  • rabblescum
    rabblescum Posts: 78 Member
    Friending you. I am also back here after time away. It really does work if I can keep at it. Trying to concur the mental dragons of my own that are along the physical health path. Be glad to have another mfp buddy.
  • AmyMarie_1981
    AmyMarie_1981 Posts: 12 Member
    Thanks so much!!!