Star Wars and Weight Loss

Hey Friends!

After a long, long hiatus, I am back. And heavier. Heavier than I have ever been. I am rock bottom, or bottom of the Sarlaac, whichever analogy you prefer. My last adventure, here (about 5 years back) I found a great group of Star Wars fans, and was wildly successful. Found having conversations with people that share that same passion helped me, a lot. So looking for that, again! Ultimately, I have 260 I want to lose.

Figure we can have a little fun with this weight loss stuff, right?

Favorite Movie: Return of the Jedi
Favorite Character: Obi Wan (McGregor)
Favorite Book(s): The Han Solo Trilogy
Favorite Villain: Darth Maul, Cad Bane
Favorite Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Random Fact: I like to write, and have a character set in the Star Wars world, almost like a Star Wars western. Been working on it for about 6 years.

Anyway, if you enjoy getting lost in a galaxy far, far away, send me a request, and let's have some fun!


  • magnusthenerd
    magnusthenerd Posts: 1,207 Member
    Do you think Blue Milk has a very different nutrition profile than regular milk?
    Based on The Last Jedi, I'm guessing green milk has more calories than blue.
  • pokequeeen
    pokequeeen Posts: 9 Member
    I love star wars! Actually losing weight for my star wars themed wedding!
  • rabblescum
    rabblescum Posts: 78 Member
    If there is a bright center to the Universe my progress is on the plant farthest from it 😂. Adding you.
  • Versicolour
    Versicolour Posts: 7,164 Member
    Awesomeness! I have made some Star wars themed birthday cakes in my day. Lego Millennium Falcon and this:
    I love Star Wars!
  • steveko89
    steveko89 Posts: 2,218 Member
    Fellow Star Wars fan and general nerd over here. I've been on MFP continually since 2012; originally to lose weight, then to maintain my weight and improve my nutrition.

    Favorite Movie: Empire Strikes Back
    Favorite Character: Han Solo
    Favorite Book(s): Thrawn Trilogy
    Favorite Villain: Darth Maul
    Favorite Game: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
    Random Fact: My parents' first date was to see A New Hope in the summer of 1977.